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Nov 2019
Coming out of
A nearby hut of mud
A rose bud
Used to mix with
High school
Students’ flood.

On the street
With a bow
Her I used to greet.
Drawing close
And casting an
Affectionate glance
I used to say “Hi”
Often I never
Failed to utter
“Lovely!” “Cute one!” …
In her heart a cherished
Corner to buy.
Though she was shy
Her angelic face
Smiles used to aurify.

When she comes of age
I was sure to propose to her
Though age gap could
Put us asunder
“Does that she too wonder?”
I still ponder.

One sad Saturday morning
A funeral procession
Round the hut
Drew my attention.

To her parents & siblings
And , of course,
To my hidden grief
She opted to be brief
You see
She could not tolerate
“Detained!” on her
Grade 10 certificate.

She found it hard
To reflect
A pitch dark night
Will certainly
Cedes place to
A broad day light.

Had she managed  that
Dark moment to outgrow,
She could have
Long forgotten her sorrow.

Two decades later
Whenever I pass
By that place
I see her younger brother
With sadness stamped face!

“Suicide why?”
Is it not cruel
A harrowing pain
On those we
Will be survived by!

Is it not selfish
Taking our life
In to our hands
Our corporeal existence
To finish?

If we share our sorrow
Moral prop
From our confidants
We could borrow
This way
What is unbearable today
We may forget tomorrow.

Is it not better taking
The bull by the horn,
Circumventing challenges
To stand shoulder high
While many are born?///

(BY Alem Hailu G/Kristos)
Why Suicide? Based on a true story.I was asked by a Facebook group to write a poem aiming at preventing suicide.I penned this down.
Written by
Alem Hailu GKristos  Ethiopia
     Tizzop, ConnectHook and Fawn
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