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It's not cute,
I don't find it funny.
The lack of concern for education,
And your glasses aren't cute either.

I'm growing quite tired of the lame leaders.
Expectation to teach the future generation.
The warriors, in a future of unknowing,
By the ignorant, traditionalist.

And I could sit here all day,
Catching glints of light off your hip glasses.
Peppered with egocentric, infantile remarks.
So cute
The lack of education
So cute
The lack of nutrition
So cute
The false profits; the obtuse teachers
So cute
Your hip glasses.
So sick of the hip glasses
I try to remember the "good times."

Just to realize I'm drowning,
Drowning on Hallmark lines

Remembering the "good times"
Smiling complacently
Drowning on Hallmark lines

And I realize the memories
Were all good

One lines.
Just a thought, I'd like too add more :)
Thank you for reading
Talk to me?
Tell me one more time.

One more time we could get off this, high rise
And you could lie,
To me, once more.

Just a bunch of kids falling off,
This mountain side.
Did the tide brings us in?

I take pride in my ability,
To manage chaos with reality.
We can never forget chaos,
If we expect, to ever
Secure an independent reality.

To die, to resurrect
Once more, tonight?

Let's get off this high rise.
And lie,
Lie to me,
Once more.
Intellectual property of Nicholas Kurtz ©2014
Good things happen
To those
Who are
And good things seem too happen for me
No one to talk too
My mouth is sore from being shut
My brain spinning with thought
I'd talk to the stars,
Even they didn't show up

The desert skies of royal hazey colors
New grounds for me
For others discovered

Through long plight before me
Spirits endlessly struggling

To bask
Under the hazey royal indigo
Desert skies

Enlightened wolves
Darkness despise
A free flow poem :)
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