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Alex Scaife Jun 27
My dream of a new land,
Of ignorance come truth.
I sat atop a peak
And found myself unmoved.

Ancient wisdom of ash
In which I found just dust.
Oh, Truth! You stole my dream, now
I'm cold atop the peak
About achieving a dream and realising it wasn't all that you hoped it would be. The pain of the real takes away your fantasy that kept you moving.
Äŧül Mar 9
Our Āryāvärŧä is in danger,
Our home planet since eternity,
Now we must all perform an exodus.

A mass exodus wasn't something we planned,
It's an emergency as our planet disintegrates,
Our home has now endured a nuclear war.

The third orb in the Helios system supports life,
We must vacate this planet and go to that one,
We must, regretfully, forget our memories.

The planet currently houses primitive life,
We shall escape this unfortunate nuclear strife,
We need to utilize that planet for our own good.

The big C that kills us here,
It would not be there,
At least for the time being.

We shall go the Āryän speed,
Call the planet Přŧhvī now,
Since we need a Mother.

Goodbye, oh planet Āryāvärŧä,
You were the Hïnđū Māŧřä Bhūmï,
Now New Horizons we must choose.
My HP Poem #1835
©Atul Kaushal
Eloisa Oct 2019
Her heart hungers for the essence of her being.
She continues to search for enlightenment
and peace.
Thousands of heartaches and trials,
she met along the path of finding herself.
She carves out time every single day to reflect.
Then she realized.
There’s no need to search outside herself
for answers.
She found the answers
where she found the questions.
She found the answers inside herself.
Meaning is what makes one’s misfortune worthwhile.
The storm came to teach her how to sail
and she continues to catch the wind.
Confronting the ocean’s of life moment after moment,
she found the strength to leave her past
to the shores
and just brought the lessons she has learned.
Then out she sails for her new horizons ahead.
On life's vast ocean diversely we sail. Reasons the card, but passion the gale.
Alexander Pope

When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.
Napoleon Hill

To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall really increase the happiness and welfare and virtue of mankind - this is a choice which is possible for all of us; and surely it is a good haven to sail for.
Henry Van ****
Willow Aug 2018
I work in a field all day
To repair garden beds
And to grow new plants
With the destiny to be harvested
Whenever “our hearts desire”.

I work in a field all day
To repair a physical burden
And to grow new dreams
With the destiny to be reached
Whenever “our hearts are able”.

I work in a field all day
To mend a broken soul
And to grow new connections
With the destiny to be healed
Whenever “our hearts become stable”.

I work in a field all day
With the exception of a distraction
Then I look up to the clouds
And get lost in the wonder
Of when “I will find you”.

I work in a field all day
Yet find myself disoriented
Because my eyes have wandered
All over the sky
Making up for “lost time”.

I work in a field all day
Looking forward to heal
Hoping I’ll hear from you today
Knowing the sky is infinite
Just like “the space behind your eyes”.

I work in a field all day
I catch myself staring into the horizon
Remembering the time I saw your eyes
And how indefinite the ending was
Even though “the line seems so close”.
If “your eyes are like the stars”, as they say; then the sky will do well enough for now.
Isaac Jul 2018
We all want our poems to trend and get views.
But when that is your focus, you're the one who will lose.

Striving for popularity can cause you to lose clarity.
Pulling you down a hole of insularity.

Instead, look ahead!
There are new horizons to be tread!
New poems to bloom happily in your garden bed,
no matter whether they are noticed...or even read!
Written 27 July 2018

Focus on writing a poem more rich with value than all your previous poems.
Amanda May 2018
In the still morning
I watch the sun rise
Gently look up high
Toward simmering pink skies
A beautiful perfect picture
Nature brilliantly devised

Colorful exotic vibrance
Daybreak so pure and sweet
Over far off mountains
And the washed out city street
Waiting for scenic horizons
To say hello and meet
A brief description of dawn in Alaska
Sam Mar 2018
She lost every reason she had to smile
Shoes worn out from walking the same sad sidewalks
That careless city holds eternally gray horizons
She dreams of a day the clouds will float away
She dreams of a day when she can feel... anything
Skaidrum Feb 2018

Are you humble
to the very walls and windows
of your drifting soul?
Of the haiku series
ii. horizons

© Copywrite Skaidrum
TD Aug 2017
The rainbow fades
Is it the tears or the smile?
The dissipating rain
or the dying light?

Horizons of hope
color lives with bated breath.
Where the vow of another sun
awaits beyond the intriguing pitch.

Clinging to fingertips
like dew drops and sighs
the sparkle alights and reveals
a banquet for hungry teeth.

Dazzling, longing grasps deep
tightly wrapped around our bones.
Engraved with Divinity's lightning tongue, "something more"
was written by our stars.

Nature's path
leads to sailing from this
pale world
to the tangible.

We are not compartmentalized
nor constrained to contentment
that only lasts a single breath.
Our stars are real when
we finally embrace them.

*It will be a beautiful reunion--indeed.
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