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SheWritesForYou Oct 2020
Mirror mirror on the wall
Tell me how to make his ego fall
Break the barrier between us two
Teach him a lesson
But how should i do?

Does he really care
Or all these are a facade?
Oh mirror, oh tell me dear.

I feel like a broken glass
Shattered and broken
With his ego so tall
And my wounds tend to open

If he loves me he should express
Or leave me like he doesn’t care

With a heart so fragile
And a life full of woes
Tell me dear mirror
Where should i go?
SheWritesForYou Oct 2020
Hey there stranger
My dearest one
Don't you know how precious you are to me?
Haven't you fathomed already?

You are the human version of sunshine
That sweeps my sleep away
The perfect beautiful lie
which I always want to hug around me

My dear Romeo
Haven't you already noticed?
How deeply I am in love with you
Don't you believe
When you see these lips trembling
Just to kiss yours?

So, come my love
Lets dive into each other
Forget the future and adore one another
Let's take the chances
And run away
To a place where you could love me always
SheWritesForYou Oct 2020
The sky seems dark today
The wind is aroused
The leaves seem to dangle along
With so much silence around

A sweet smell fills the air
With bittersweet memories of my share
And thoughts of you races my mind
As i sit and watch the melancholic sky

Feeling pity mother nature starts to cry
Showering me with relief and sigh
Isn’t it strange how the sound of rain
Brings you solace and sorrow?
The combination so bizarre
But yet so hollow
SheWritesForYou Jun 2020
A new dawn
A new hope
I’ve been doing well
With a light of rope

Holding on
Moving slow
Oh dear heart
You’ve got it, you know?

City lights
Dreams & Desires
But what is life
Without smiles & laughter

In search of light
I’ve come across fire
With ocean eyes
Just blue like sapphire
SheWritesForYou May 2020
And why do some of us suffer more ?
The pain
The tests
The sacrifices
The blood sheds
The tears
The promises
Why do some of has nothing to do about it?
Are we here in this world to be here in this exact place?
Or are we here by mistake?
The question remains so unclear
And we keep thinking again and again
In an endless cycle like it’s a time loop
A paradox which has no end, no solutions.
Supposedly we have to live with it
And die with it in our graves.
This is for the mental condition i have.
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