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Níla Feb 18
Could I take hold of your smile
Take a picture if you'd like
So I can put it in my pocket
And pretend that you are mine
For a day or two only

Can I borrow your talent
To impress with your words
For a day or two only
So I can make you love me
Níla Feb 4
I'll stay and mend the world for you
And take care of the pain if you want me to
Níla Jan 30
I´m impulsive and naive
sometimes loud and sometimes
I can run and I can walk
but my body likes to
I will scratch you and fight you but sometimes
invite you
I´m on fire and I´m drowning but mostly
I'm waiting for the inbetween
Níla Oct 2019
It makes you cry and leaves you sad
But you like the salt and you love the mad
Níla Apr 2018
I am a beautiful creature
inside a body so limited
so rotten in character
and of a species so evil
a person so nice
stuck in a world left to die
Níla Apr 2018
I've been cutting
my hair
now that does not seem so bad
it is not yet my skin
bearing marks of a blade

I've been drowning in words
a few books in a week
also music is helping me
falling asleep

I get that this does not
seem like a big sign
but I feel that I'm falling
much deeper this time
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