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Níla Sep 2018
Please don´t ask me
why I look so sad
I could only say I´m tired
though I´m sad, oh so sad

I wander through the night
wish for wind to come and take me
on a trip that last forever
or at least this deep dark night
Níla Apr 2018
I am a beautiful creature
inside a body so limited
so rotten in character
and of a species so evil
a person so nice
stuck in a world left to die
Níla Apr 2018
I've been cutting
my hair
now that does not seem so bad
it is not yet my skin
bearing marks of a blade

I've been drowning in words
a few books in a week
also music is helping me
falling asleep

I get that this does not
seem like a big sign
but I feel that I'm falling
much deeper this time
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