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Nobody Nov 2021
All I asked was to be held ,
All U did was to saw me fell.
Nobody Aug 2021
When you are near,
You make my sanity reappear,
You bring back all those feelings I haven't had felt in years,
And I hope these feelings never disappear
Because you have became my Chevalier <3
Nobody Jul 2021
I love darkness
Because in the dark
You won't see my scar
And I will be spared
From all the questionnaire
And you won't dare
To leave my hand
As you are scared
But what if you find a flare
Will you still bear with me?
will they?
Nobody Jul 2021
The moment I feel I have overcame all of the ****,
I somehow find myself back into that pit,
Feeling the dirt splitting my wit,
Thinking that now I must QUIT.
Nobody Jul 2021
I used to wonder,
Y cant I accept the love from others,
And then I read somewhere:
"We accept the love, we think we deserve"
Nobody Jun 2021
Why it happened, the way it happened!!
Nobody Jun 2021
Revealing the part of me,
that nobody else knew,
Was my way of saying I Loved You!
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