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Kenneth Gray Jun 2022
Writhing, wroth and seething anger.
From this fool arose the urge to strangle.
Fiery hatred burns forth like the breath of a dragon.
An all consuming wrath that overflows the flagon.
From this worthless, living man lies the issue.
As I choke the very life from his dying brain tissue.
From this mental fantasy I finally awake.
Taking a life - Ah! what a piece of cake!
I was on Facebook and saw a post where someone was challenging people to write a poem using the words dragon, strangle, cake and brain tissue. So I thought for a while and wrote a little bit. Then this is what I finally ended up with.
Kenneth Gray Mar 2021
Beckon unto me with thine
Angel-voice so soft
In heavenly song that doest
Elevate mine soul aloft
Amongst the myriad of blissful
keys I rejoice
I've transcended to God's kingdom
by the sweet sound of thine voice
Something I thought of while out on the porch smoking. Thinking about how I wish my ex wife would apologize for all the things she put me through. How hearing her say she is sorry would be music to my ears and lift up my soul. This is what came from that idea.
Kenneth Gray Jan 2021
The clouds exude tears as a sign of God's sorrow.
For the fate of mankind in the hands of the morrow.
For mankind's heart has grow callused;
With his eyes set on greed.
Forsaking God's goodness
For all his lustful needs.

All the while the earth moans and it groans.
As mankind's heart is compared with the hardness of stone.
Consumed and devoured by the lusts of the flesh.
An expulsion of THE LORD;
A refusal to mesh.

Disease and strife have set in -
A move oh so bold.
As mankind grows more distant,
Isolated and cold.
And the skies continue to weep as man struggles to fight.
Darkness envelops the lands -
Darkness blots out the light.

Will the battle be fought?
Will mankind ever win?
Will the skies clear up
As man conquers his sin?

May he lay down his sin -
Then turn face and run.
Then may THE LORD show him mercy
And unveil THE SUN!

May the harsh weather of sin
Finally be cleared.
So that mankind's unclear future
Have no need to be feared.
I guess you can find inspiration from the least expected places. It was snowing and I got to thinking about clouds and rain. Then a light bulb popped up in my head like they do in cartoons. That was my inspiration for the first couple lines. Just wrote in the rest as I sat there and though about things.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
You're nothing but
An evil witch!
Your soul is decrepit -
A stupid *****!
I hope you wreck your broom And end up laying in a ditch!
You ******* ugly,
Heartless witch!
Some people truly ****!
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Who takes precious pearls and throws them to the pigs, I wonder?
Who considers gold and silver better off cast asunder?
Or who sees love as a fleeting thing? As if a crack of thunder?
All these questions lie inside as I sit and deeply ponder.

I have no doubt, folks choose these routes. A disfigured, battered blessing. Hate has wrought all love is lost. Our hearts need an assessing.
Humanity, as you can see, has backpeddled. Now regressing.
The world has fought for hatred to be taught. To love I am insisting.

For I remember a time so very long ago
When households stuck together, and in love they did grow.
When families basked in togetherness.
And each other they did know.
Now broken, battered blessings
This world has now bestowed.

Dont hug or touch. We don't get affection much. We all must keep our distance.
To be alone with hearts of stone.
Humanities resistance
A worldwide epidemic - not the flu,
But hatred is the menace.
Do not come near! Your presence is feared! For closeness makes us grimace.

Now here my plea, open up your eyes and see. Who it is, to be our true enemy.
Each and every one must flee - from hatred, lust, fear and greed.
For the devil has done his job. A job well done - a planted seed.
Dont embrace it or defend it! Fight back! Advice all of us should heed!

People act as if they think a vaccine might be the answer.
While hatred effectively grows inside like an insidious, smirking cancer.
People just don't get it because the truth
Has now been blurred.
Now all are fixated on the ruse -
A great deception has occurred.

This world has become manic and were caught up in the panic, but its our hearts that are diseased.
All in all hate has to stall. Our pride, our sins, must stop, must freeze.
We have to shed this wickedness -
This spiritually infested sleeze.
Come back to the LORD our God -
Come back to our knees.

Love inevitably is the cure, of this I'm sure.
You all have heard my plea.
Lay your sins down on the floor and sin no more and set your bound souls free.
For we were not made to live in fear -
But to be filled with love and filled with glee.
So let us all begin to love each other once again. I will start. I'll take the lead. Once you have revived your hearts then carry love and follow me.
Hope you enjoy.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
I'm so sorry that's its over now
we've abandoned sacred love
The passion we once held so dear We are now devoid of
We've past the point of no return
And now the end is here
The sanctity of marriage destroyed
An act I always feared

Do you take this man to be your
Lawfully wedded husband?
You nodded quickly and said I do
As we happily both grinned
Your answer I believed at once
To forever be upheld
The tribulations came and went
Then against love you rebeled

I held on tight and fought the fight
But my grip was not enough
We endured so many storms
but in the end they proved too tough
You slipped away so savagely
Your willpower grew so weak
Now our marital ship has crashed ashore
We no longer speak

After all is said and done
I have one thing left to say
If I could choose to do it all again
Its a price I'd willingly pay
Even though I suffered so
From this spiritual endeavor
My vows were to love you til I die
So I'll keep loving you forever

I cannot believe in your idiocy
That you no longer love me
Please let my final words imbue
And set your ignorance free
Even though all hope is gone
And this situation is very dire
Love is not a perishable good
Love does not expire
These are my final thoughts about my failed marriage. I'm using this writing to wrap it all up and finally put it away.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
My love, you see makes my heart sing
With musical notes it composes
Cause you do play on my hearts strings
My masterpiece laid before you
upon a bed of roses

I won't waste my precious time
& dance around the truth
For a symphony plays its song in me
And your beauty is my fountain of youth
My wife, you see - I hope you to be
My wife, you see - how lovely

My song, you see? Will never cease
It'll play throughout eternity
For the instruments that lay inside
Will never stop, nor ever die
For the beauty I see, instills in me
An everlasting energy
So hearken unto me, my sweet baby
Cause I'll never leave nor say goodbye

My song, you see? Makes my heart ring
Adoration does your heart bring
My masterpiece that will never cease
Is finally composed
I hope, my dear, that our union is near
& I'll become your king
My wife, you see? I hope you to be
Say yes to me, when I final-ly propose

Now we're here right at the end, my dear
A musical crescendo
As it plays, I do hope you say
That you truly love me and that you'll always stay
This song I feel, is very real
And its not an innuendo
Now on my knee, as you can see
Will you marry me? I plead and pray

Marry me, my wife to be, and let our duet play
Forever and ever entwined together
Mr. and Mrs. Gray
I wanted to write about love in a positive light. All my past poems about love have been dark and negative. So I wanted to change it up. Then I made the connection between love and music and then ran with it. The beat came to me as I was thinking and writing. Hope you all enjoy!
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