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There lies a soldier deep within
He is strapped with might
To fight
The blight

He is not perfect, nay
He has even sinned
But this battle that's been laid before him
He will surely win
To help bring light
Into the night
Yeah, even unto his own kin

He carries great knowledge of the spiritual realm
For this - he has been placed right at the forefront, yeah
Placed right at the helm
But knowledge = power
Therefore, he will not be overwhelmed

He will be carried straight through
To victory
On the wings of an eagle
He will succeed
It is time for this soldier that I speak of
To be freed
Its time for him to ******* all his armor
For all the world to see
And this soldier that I speak of, is indeed,
Now is the time to be unleashed and be the promising soldier I was always meant to be ✌
I think the poem explains itself. Theres a lot of evil and darkness in this world. Somebody has to fight against it. Ive been called to, but Ive been struggling. Hoping to get out of this cruddy place I'm in and start fighting like I'm meant to.
War of roses
War of roses
One will be betrothed
War of roses
War of roses
The other shall be loathed

Which one is left
Which one is taken
This War of roses has me shaken
Which one is here
Which on is there
This war of roses has awakened

War of roses
War of roses
One will be enshrined
War of roses
War of roses
The other n'er entwined

Which one is sought
Which come to nought
This war of roses must be fought
Who will win and who will lose?
This war of roses has me distraught

War of roses
War of roses
Whichever do I choose?
War of roses
War of roses
Which one will have to lose?
My buddy gave me a challenge. He said write a poem called War Of Roses, but thats all he gave me. He wanted to see what I would do with it. So this is what I came up with.
Bing, ba Bing Bing
If you, could only
Ting, ta ting ting
Just listen closely
Bing, ba Bing Bing
And hear, the beauty
Ting, ta ting ting
You would, abso-lutely
Bada Bing, bada Bing Bing
Know, that I love you

My hearts sweet song
Ching, cha ching ching
Will for-ever ring
Dada ting, dada ting ting
I'll prove, you wrong
Ding dada ding ding
When, my heart sings
Bing bada Bing Bing
Its beautiful song
Bada bing, bada Bing Bing
Now, sound the gong
Cause, I ******' love you!!!
I just wanted to do an experimental type of poem and try to express my feelings in a different way. I thought it would be cool to try and make a song sounding poem where the sounds are actually written out to help give it a different feel. I know its kind of lame, but w/e. I like it. ✌
Sweet Surrender, cool nights bliss
Her heartbeat flutters from my tender kiss

Glistening bodies, faithfully entwined
Passions combined in love's grand design

Fiery fusion, hearts melted together
Joined eternally through an unbreakable tether

Love perfected ecstasy
Our hearts desire, love's destiny

Sweet Surrender cool nights bliss
Love conceived from our very first kiss
Remembering old love.
You really showed me who's in charge
As I now deal with this goey, thick discharge

And you really caused me to consider castration
As days pass by while dealing with painful urination

Thanks alot!
Your moves were all really beautiful spectacles
So much so that I now have painful testicles

We were kissing, licking, twisting and twitching
I guess that explains the severe **** itching

Thanks, but
You do show room for great improvements
This I ponder while having unusual bowel movements

You do know that this might cause us to divorce?
I'm just so sick and tired of having painful *******

But you still think you're all that and endlessly gloat?
Hah, Id do the same thing, but I've got a sore throat

But Thanks
You've molded my spirit animal into a ******
Am I going crazy or have I contracted a fever?  

I guess I'm just another one of your victims
I wish I was lucky with no noticeable symptoms.

Oh well!

I guess that's it girl, I guess I'll see ya
Thank you again, for giving me gonnorhea!
Thanksgiving is coming up soon. What is everyone thankful for? For some reason I decided to be thankful to my ex for giving me gonnorhea lol. Its just a fictional story though. I wanted to write about being thankful, but then I was reading something and the word gonnorhea came up. I laughed and thought I should write up a funny poem about being thankful for contracting it. I've never had it though haha haha! I looked up the symptoms online and wrote them down. Then wrote lines to go with each symptom. Voila... There ya go! 😁😂
My mourning heart
tries to speak
comprehensible words,
But it cannot overcome
its studders and slurs
For pain and grief
as one creation
Bursting forth - tears initiation

I take full account of my past -
A great loss
As I depreratly hang
To my hope -
In the Cross

I sit, fruitlessly,
Searching for words
to reciprocate
My pain
As I slip and stutter
And mumble in vein
This vortex of sorrow
I can hardly contain

I have to lay it all down at the feet of God
I've lost it all LORD -
Take the reigns LORD -

I cannot carry it any longer -
I've carried it too far
LORD you are my lighthouse -
My northern star!
You have created my heart -
Loves repertoire
Now I surrender to you LORD -
And all that you are!

LORD, please,
Carry this burden,
This heavy heart
Once and for all, LORD
Let misery depart
And never, ever again
Let us be torn apart!
Sometimes you just gotta get stuff off your chest.
Kenneth Gray Nov 12
Daddy,  I heard you talking to that meany, Mr. Suicide
But I don't want you to go daddy!
I don't want you die!
What about me daddy?
What if you make me cry?
I'm gonna miss you daddy
I'm not gonna lie!

I'm so sorry, baby!
You're absolutely right!
What was I thinking, sweety
It'll all be alright
Just for you, my darling
I'm gonna win this fight

Promise me, daddy
That you're not going to lose!
Promise me, daddy
That its me who you choose!
Promise me, daddy
That you'll be tying no knoose!

I promise you, sweety
That its all in the past!
I promise you darling
That its not gonna last!
I promise you baby,
These ideas have been cast!

Goodbye, Mr. Suicide
You just cannot stay

Don't you see
For my darling,
I cast you away?

Goodbye Mr. Suicide
Now my answer is nay

Can't you see
For my sweety,
I toss you away?

I'm proud of you, daddy
Just know this to be true
You're the best, daddy
We can now start anew
Now guess what, daddy
I Love you!

Thank you, my sweety
I love you too!
I decided to rewrite Hello Suicide and say that I'm overcoming it because of the love of family.
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