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carved into stone
like a greek goddess
that’s what he wishes me to be
silent, frozen, and beautiful
Nicolette Mar 15
one more kiss
one more night
I still love you
I still love you, right?
Nicolette Feb 10
Love is for children
and romantics
But I have no time for
such antics
I hold the key to my
own heart
And to no man shall
I impart
Nicolette Feb 5
you wanted perfection,
but I am only a woman
you wanted me to love you
when you knew that I couldn’t

I’m no longer your darling
because I refused a ring
I was your angel,
but you clipped my wings
Nicolette Jan 28
wilted roses
on my window sill
and bittersweet memories
printed on film

moths are eating
at your clothes in my closet
and the picture of me
is in the back of your wallet

do I miss you
or just the love you gave me?
do I dream of us
thinking it will save me?

I know it’s over
please don’t misunderstand
you don’t have to love me
just take my hand

I don’t want to use you
and I don’t want to fight
but my darling I can’t take
another lonely night
the love letter my lover will never read…unless
Nicolette Jan 28
I tried to show you
how big this world is to me
But your closed-minded heart
had not the eyes to see

I might’ve stayed
if I could do it again
But if it was meant to be,
it would’ve been
Nicolette Dec 2022
Your crystal blue eyes
haunt my dreams
Your heart’s my captor,
but I long to be free

What price I’d pay
to be loved by you
What doors I’d tear down
so you could walk through

What I wouldn’t give
to be in your arms,
Wrapped in your smile,
safe from harm

And how my tears fell
When you said you loved me
Because the best things
Aren’t meant to be
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