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Natalie Mar 22
Today is a good day.
It’s better than the rest.
I don’t have all the stress
Hanging over me
Like I did yesterday.

I feel good today.
I feel better than the rest.
I don’t have depression
Lingering around me
Like I did yesterday.

I have had a good day.
Everything about this day
Has been better than all the rest.
Again, I don’t have all the stress,
I don’t feel as depressed
Like I did yesterday.

Today I finally feel okay.
Derrick Cox Nov 2020
I went to the deli
and ordered a grilled cheese on a roll.
The rest of that day was warm.
melted Swiss cheese.

I went to the deli
and ordered a chicken cutlet on a hero
with nothing on it.
The rest of my day was regular;
no sauce or anything extra needed.

The next day,
I went to the deli
And ordered a turkey, egg, and cheese
on a roll.
I tasted ketchup and mayonnaise
along with everything else.
I could have changed it,
but instead threw it away
disgusted and frustrated.
The rest of my day was not what I ordered.

The day after that,
I went to the deli
and ordered a tuna on whole wheat bread.
I received it on a hero
which I didn’t want because
I wasn’t that hungry.
So I decided to share
one half of my sandwich
with a homeless man
considering I had no one else
to eat with.

The day after that,
I went to the deli
and got a PB n J.
I bit into my sandwich
and tasted no jelly.
Not sweet,
but not a big deal for me either.
I went about the rest of my day
tasting peanut butter and bread.
Irene Sep 2020
sssshhhh, did you hear?
it's an amazing day today!

so rise, freshen up!
open your window, light a cigarette,
brew yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer that)
freshen up!

because whatever's in line for you today,
the world is out there, welcoming you with open arms!

so raise your glass,
let's toast to a new day ahead!

and when the night comes,
the stars and the moon are going to look down at you smiling,
congratulating you for doing great today!
i love you all, you're all doing great! idk what this poetry is about **** but aye have a great day everybody!
Zack Ripley Feb 2020
I'm here. You're here. It's a good day.
Nice idea, right?
But it doesn't always work that way.
Sometimes, the skies are gray.
And you don't have the energy
To find words to say.
Some days, people go away
And you can't help but feel betrayed.
But you know what?
We're still here. We still remember.
So it's still a good day.
Ashlyn Rimsky Dec 2019
it is sixty degrees
the sun on your skin

you have nowhere to be
and everywhere to go

not a cloud in the sky,
not a bump in the road

just this moment
just this sliver of heaven

just your feet on the pedals
your eyes on the horizon

unspoken joy, an effortless smile
wheels turning forward motion
Amoy Mar 2019
Will be a good day
No trouble will come me way
Today my humanity will be unscathed
Today I will sit and watch kids play
running freely, without a care in the world
Today I will let my inner child free, so I too may be carefree
Today I will smile and let my inner light shine
Today will be a GOOD DAY
Rintato Mar 2019
The sun was young and bright,
Nestling elegantly on my face.
Filling me with new hopes,
Melting all the cold within.

The aroma of coffee,
Wafting pleasantly in the air,
Complementing beautifully to the croissant,
Filling up my lonely stomach.

The day is auspicious and inspirational,
Leaving all the sorrow behind,
Walking with a new hope,
Forward and further
Silver Feb 2019
not a bird in earsight,
but the wind is quite insistent

as the leaves rustle and chatter in
conversation every instant

the sky is blue, the sun elsewhere
your eyes are dry, face bare.

the clouds are few but lazy as ever!
hope to stand and watch forever,

the perfect wind that flips your hair but it's
welcome as home, the
silence that fills your head with talk.

a beautiful day!
look at the small things and you will find happy hiding away
Tyler Smiley Nov 2018
There are days when the sky is a vibrant blue and the sun expels its warmth
upon my shoulders,
then there are days when the sky is filled
with nothing but a melancholy grey,
and I embody nothing but the rain.

On those days,
I may have to drink an extra cup of coffee to pull myself out of bed and face the slight suffocation the real world places upon me.

On those days,
I may not have much of an appetite and will push away any thought of food, even though I know I should eat.

On those days,
my eyes may become heavy, filled with just as much water as the storm clouds lingering up above me.

Some days I wake up
feeling as radiant as the sun,
and some days I wake up feeling as
dreary as the rain.

But at least I always make sure to
wake up and be something.
Halle Sep 2018
Today was a good day
It started out scary
But now I’m happy

Today was a good day
The first in a while
We sang
and danced
and smiled
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