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Rintato 1d
The sun was young and bright,
Nestling elegantly on my face.
Filling me with new hopes,
Melting all the cold within.

The aroma of coffee,
Wafting pleasantly in the air,
Complementing beautifully to the croissant,
Filling up my lonely stomach.

The day is auspicious and inspirational,
Leaving all the sorrow behind,
Walking with a new hope,
Forward and further
Silver Feb 8
not a bird in earsight,
but the wind is quite insistent

as the leaves rustle and chatter in
conversation every instant

the sky is blue, the sun elsewhere
your eyes are dry, face bare.

the clouds are few but lazy as ever!
hope to stand and watch forever,

the perfect wind that flips your hair but it's
welcome as home, the
silence that fills your head with talk.

a beautiful day!
look at the small things and you will find happy hiding away
Tyler Smiley Nov 2018
There are days when the sky is a vibrant blue and the sun expels its warmth
upon my shoulders,
then there are days when the sky is filled
with nothing but a melancholy grey,
and I embody nothing but the rain.

On those days,
I may have to drink an extra cup of coffee to pull myself out of bed and face the slight suffocation the real world places upon me.

On those days,
I may not have much of an appetite and will push away any thought of food, even though I know I should eat.

On those days,
my eyes may become heavy, filled with just as much water as the storm clouds lingering up above me.

Some days I wake up
feeling as radiant as the sun,
and some days I wake up feeling as
dreary as the rain.

But at least I always make sure to
wake up and be something.
Halle Sep 2018
Today was a good day
It started out scary
But now I’m happy

Today was a good day
The first in a while
We sang
and danced
and smiled
Theshygirl Sep 2018
A good day
comes and goes,
and for most
not a thing is thought of it.
But for me,
a good day
causes bells to chime
a cheery ding,
and the world fills with color
for the first time in awhile.
And even if its just for a second,
that dash of color
makes all the difference.
Little cheerier than normal
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Day one is over
The Queen studied her hardest
Now she can relax

I'm feeling the buzz
of anxiety and joy
Now I need a nap
I'M HOME!!!! And I'm exhausted!
After a short nap, I'll be back with more haikus!
Thanks so much for the messages, guys!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
Short dreams.
Temporary beliefs.
Short-term hype.
Falling heights.
New "dreams" bought with money, dreams as sweet as honey.
It already ended when it started.
Coming back to only leave me dream-less, again, with temporary gains.
Stars I want to touch.
Joys I want in my heart.
I want living dreams.
To live in a breathing, moving, real dream...
A dream that is real.
A meaning, sealed.
A goal more valuable than gold.
My goal is to please God! yas
Flame Mar 2018
It was such a good day
The lights were perfect
The sky a bit grey
Our roads intersect
But never met in any aspect
Eliza Hale Mar 2018
The sun might not be shining,
the birds may not be singing,
and the stars may not be aligning,
but today is a good day.

I might not have friends today,
Some might even talk behind my back,
my progression through life might even delay,
but today is a good day.

I could fail a test,
I could forget a line,
I could be the worst dressed,
but today WILL be a good day.
Navahopi119 Feb 2018
Sometimes I like to
Sit & Think
When all the world is
Quiet & Asleep.

Most times the voices are
Loud & Mean
But tonight the wind
Whispers & Fans.

Delighting to watch the Leaves
Play & Dance
Causing my soul to
Lift & Fly.

For once I am
Clear & Free
Without my despair to
Hold & Bound.

Allowing me to
Walk & Ponder
Looking back on all I've
Achieved & Conquered

For once I'm full of
Happiness & Glee
For Once I am

It seem like life is always filled with despair, so what an occasion it is to have those good days.
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