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Amoy Mar 2021
Take this heart off my sleeve
Leave my chest hollow
Empty, pain and ache free
Make me feel my heart less
less beating to the rhythm call love
Make me more incline to decline this feeling called love
Release me from this ******* holding me hostage, ******* , chained up, starving for days
Held in captivity filled with  negativity
I earn to learn to turn cold to replace my heart with an gaping hole
Amoy Mar 2021
Fragile, handle with care
This side down
Care of, my heart
Postage, paid in full
Express delivery
Matters of the heart
Amoy Jan 2021
I have been here before
I have once lived on this street
The outside is the same but inside has changed, this old house can weather any storm, I found shelter here before
This old house has seen brighter days, cleaner floors, This old house will shelter me once more
The familiar feeling of heartbreak and pain
Amoy Oct 2020
My heart it beats
It beats me, the pain is unbearable
Thoughts, the choices that I made
The path I choose, the stop signs I ignored
The change  I seek, I leaped eyes wide shut
Thinking this time would be different
Amoy Sep 2019
The wheels of time spins in my direction knocking me off my feet
telling me I need to yield for it is my master. Time the illusional master captures me, casting shadows on my mind, body and heart.
imprisoning my thoughts and emotions with promises to sooth my pain
Does Time heal all wounds?
Amoy May 2019
torn apart
unable to mend
pieces scattered across the galaxy
lost in the vortex of time
taken for granted time after time
fabrication of tears sown on my soul
I want to feel this no more
Amoy May 2019
I loved climbing trees
I use to play with the other boys in the street
Street cricket was such a treat
I would lick 6, over the neighbors yard
loud and boisterous, as the other boys
No one said anything they accepted me as a boy
I was never confused, my ego was never bruised
As I grew, I met the girl I never knew
She took over, and now he has the best view
he's not buried, we live in mutual symbiosis
escaping this worlds unjust definition of my psychosis
growing up being a Tomboy in the Caribbean/Jamaica
"Lick 6 is a cricket term"
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