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Amoy 3d
gravitational pull
falling debris
water escaping sand
it loosens at my feet, it's only an illusion
slowly I sink wondering when will I float
Amoy Apr 9
trickles and drops
she dances
listen closely to the rhythm as she flows
come closer she offers soothing comfort
so above as below
she is enchanted by the moon
Amoy Mar 28
Will be a good day
No trouble will come me way
Today my humanity will be unscathed
Today I will sit and watch kids play
running freely, without a care in the world
Today I will let my inner child free, so I too may be carefree
Today I will smile and let my inner light shine
Today will be a GOOD DAY
Amoy Mar 27
writings on the inside of my walls
pictures and symbols of our love
deep sounds of moaning rising from within
nails digging deep and deeper into flesh
carvings of sensual sensation
creating waves and waves of passion
******* together in unison
simulating each senses, the aroma of love
written on my papyrus
Amoy Mar 25
Coffee stained lips
Kiss of tiredness
laziness seeping through my veins
I cant get out of bed, no!
not today
Amoy Mar 14
Mystical cosmic brush strokes of sprinkles,
Pink marshmallows and blue cotton candy
Left streaks across the sky, so magnificent
Each puff of cloud glowed as if kissed by a unicorn
The sun simmers softly below the horizon
painting the sky pink
Amoy Mar 8
In the ***** fields the red plant glows
Shining bright row by rows
Highlighting our opiates blight
Soldier by soldier I save tonight
Ease their pain do it right
For they may stray towards the light
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