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MM Nov 2021
Funny how the most guarded people are often the most sentimental too.

I still carry a part of all the people I’ve loved before.

I’m sure you’ll still find in me traces and bits that say ‘you were here.’

And I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing; it just means that I love few and rarely, but I love deep.

And that the love felt— no matter how short or long it lasted— was real.
Zack Ripley Feb 2020
I'm here. You're here. It's a good day.
Nice idea, right?
But it doesn't always work that way.
Sometimes, the skies are gray.
And you don't have the energy
To find words to say.
Some days, people go away
And you can't help but feel betrayed.
But you know what?
We're still here. We still remember.
So it's still a good day.
Emanzi Ian Feb 2020
Had forgotten about my existence?!🤔
That's so brutally honest

But Honestly, I have never forgotten about the short time we shared together
You cross my mind once in a while
Reason why I had to look you up here on the Gram
Just to see new pics of u all in vain and it's like u gave up in Facebook

It takes me quite some time to move on and I have found out it's one of my weaknesses.
Burning in my throat,
Burning in my chest.
Is it just my guilt?
Or am I not at my best?
Lots of mistakes,
Lots of regrets.
I keep making more,
A failure in the wets.
Never drying up.
Still sensitive as a droplet.
Falling into a hole.
Dug by what will follow it.
But I fight to not wallow in it,
Otherwise I might drown.
I only stay heartless.
Or angry,
Just not a frown.
I'll never get better as usual.  Just like that singer, who nobody likes her when she's doing better, you know?  Gotta be entertaining.
Geanna Jun 2018
I've never felt so empty before
  Never felt so numb
Actually, i'm not sure if i'm feeling
     or both
I feel as if my legs will give up any
  second now
    and i'll breakdown crying

Poking the tips of my finger with a pencil
  reassuring I can still feel
    reassuring i'm still here

But am I truly?
  At times I feel as if
    i've left for awhile

Am I back or still missing?

If only I can escape
  to some fantasy world
    where I can truly disappear
~ G.P.O
Ty Mann Sep 2017
Every day I remind myself that I'm allowed to exist.
Jose Gonzalez Jan 2016
If I could be there, I would hold your hand to give hope when needed.

If I could be there, I would wrap my arms around you and blanket you in my given warmth.

If I could be there, I would lend my ears and listen your woes, dreams, and hopes.

If I could be there, I would gaze into your eyes as so you could see the joy in them from you.

If I could be there, I would encourage you always to let you know how much you can accomplish.

If I could be there, I would offer my time and shoulders as to lean on when needed.

If I could be there, I would speak kind words and say how a Beautiful soul you are.

If I could be there, I would show just how much more wonderful you made knowing you, the best of my days.

Although I cannot be there, know that I will still stand by your side.
Arcassin B Feb 2015

All I ever needed was a pretty girl,
All I ever needed was a care in the world,
All I ever needed was a good group of friends,
Turned out to be *******,
So I made some ends,
And in the end,
To end the end,
Of what your end is,
I was real ,
But you pretend,
Wrong answer,
Retake the pop quiz,
I was careful the first time,
When I met all of you,
And so begins,
And for that,
I'm coming for all of you,
The mafia is crumbling,
Melanie found the forbidden fruit,
Ate it then died,
The ***** was never bright,
So true,
I knew one day I would become a better leader than you,
Your display of putting together teams were so despicable,
We rise above whatever you put out,
This year is also mine so give it all you got,
The mafia should know that it always goes south,
Since the ******* throwing little slick shots.
Forgotten Dreams Aug 2014
Help me
I can't control this
No one can hear me
I should let go
Not worth it
*Still Living
When I look in the mirror
I close my eyes sometimes
And when I open them...

I'm still here.

— The End —