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Derrick Cox Sep 2021
You gender is your role
Mine is to be me.
Nationality is your identity
I’m a person from the same galaxy.
You vote for ******* and elephants
I don’t choose sides
That are meaningless and irrelevant.
You preach you’re the greatest of all time
While I move in silence.
You wanna shine close to the sun
I like to keep myself balanced.
You say it’s true
It happened on the news
Fox, NBC, CNN, CW11
let that be your use for TV
I’ll use mine
To fight my way through tekken on the PlayStation.
You come home from Church
Telling me what the pastor said:
Pray for this, pray for that
Come to the house to seek redemption.
Forgive me if I’m not paying attention,
But I don’t sit next to hypocrites
And listen to false prophets
Who **** kids and spouses
Taking people’s money for their suits and taxes.
You’re curious about my opinion
asking why I always close my lips.
I like to conceal my knowledge
Knowing everything is *******.
Like the filters to make yourself look ****
I rather be real enough to show my face
Making money with my own company
But you need thousands of followers
Just to make yourself happy.
Girl likes you for your ink
She’ll trace her tongue all over them.
My scars are my tats,
But she don’t wanna know me
or how I got em.
Your mans say he like you
Because you’re a woman of class?
Nah. He a smooth talker who injures his neck
Just to look back at your ***.
And speaking of which
I really hope you grown men
Would give yourself this chance
To go buy yourself a belt and please,
Pull up your ******* pants.
Your Air Jordan’s are cool,
But they make you broke when you spend.
Meanwhile, I live off Chuck Taylors
and still keep my Benjamins.
You chase after butterflies
Yet they always fly away
You care and fight for those close to you
Because you want them to stay
I’ll be home alone
Sitting on my Iron Throne
with a bowl of Special K
binging on my favorite anime
Then listen to some Backstreet Boys
Because I want it that way.
You solve a problem thinking it’s all over
Guess again *** this is not the end.
Bruce said: life is your ultimate teacher
You can’t buy that kind of education.
Enjoy your mind, be water my friend.
Your American Dream is
go to school, get a job, get married, have kids
But for me
I eat, lift, sleep, repeat,
and stay out of the Matrix.
You say we all have rights
You say we’re all equal.
When will you learn that **** ain’t real
Like your reality shows and relationship goals?
It’s often disappointing
The word that we’re living in
There’s no point of saving it
Because around here
You either die a hero or live long enough
To see yourself become the villain.
You don’t know who or what to trust
You can’t keep it a buck
Or even give a ****.
That’s how we treat each other
That’s how we survive.
Ironic we’re given the name man-kind.
Your folly is wasting your time
While mine is wasted being wise.
You got beef with someone
And so quick to pick up a gun.
Whatever happened to feet and fists
Being the last man standing and then some?
Better yet, before you lose your dome
Give yourself a training day
You wanna go to jail or you wanna go home?
You said when you grow up
You wanna be president.
You’ll be a puppet on a string
Living in Final Fantasy
That’s where they want you to be.
But I don’t play that game
And that’s why they all hate me
*** I’m the one with the brain
The one you never sniff like *******
The one you cannot see
The one watching from behind the scenes
The one who gets in trouble
For saying things that sound obscene
Like Linkin Park
I told you everything loud and clear
But nobody’s listening.
Instead you look at me laughing
Criticizing without understanding
RIP to Tupac
If you don’t know me then don’t judge me.
Word from Jay-Z
Allow me to reintroduce myself
I am the phantom menance
To you society.
Derrick Cox Sep 2021
Don’t even.
You weren’t
When you did
What you did

You do something
I thought
You couldn’t do.
Don’t even.
I already know.
Derrick Cox Sep 2021
Clouds take a dark turn
I hear the clap of thunder
Here comes the will of heaven
Giving my city a heavy shower

Meanwhile at the mat
For what feels like hours
The machine spins my laundry
In detergent and water

Outside is drenched
After the rain goes
And when the machine stops
I take out my wet clothes

Thirty minutes later
Getting out of the dryer
By the arrival of the sun
My laundry is done

So I start anew
Walking in the light
With my city washed
And clothes that smell divine
We both
Leave the filth behind
Derrick Cox Sep 2021
Awesome, laid back parents who don’t tell me becareful before I go out the door to have fun.

2. A full blooded trust worthy twin when the rents are incompetent and unreliable.

3. Smoking ****, drinking, *******, and traveling at the age of 12. It seems appropriately early to experience living in the moment.

4. Friends since elementary school so when I go to the club, I’ll have a squad with me to make it lit.

5. My own place between the age of 18 and 21 so I won’t be afraid of being an adult who pays bills by the time 30.

6. An acting or modeling career as a teenager instead of serving the slave labor system called school.
7. A very exceptional IQ to use against people I don’t like who violate the golden rule against me.

8. A fairy tale relationship. Just like the books I read, subconsciously reminding myself how lonely I am because I’m actually in a cliche non-fiction novel.

9. Back to the early 2000s, watching pro wrestling and my favorite cartoons on the weekends that made my childhood happy when the people around me didn’t.

10. Being normal. If that is a wish that can come true.
Derrick Cox Jan 2021
A hug for my heart
Warm, chewy, and chocolatey
What self love tastes like
Derrick Cox Dec 2020
You ride the wheels in the streets
it’s the first of many risks you take
But you don’t give a ****
because fear is your *****.
Not every road you skate on is smooth;
most of them are damaged
to make you crack
or make you wise.
And somewhere along the road
there’s always some *******
in your way
to make you crash.
But you’re ready for it
kick flipping over it all
landing on your board
with a smirk on your face.
Life plays too many tricks
to make it ******* you.
But you got tricks of your own
to make it work.
You take flight in the air
like you’re Icarus.
Sliding down poles
scraping off edges
like you’re in an action film.
You fall and get hurt,
but you never die of your boardam.
You get board
and keep on skating.
Derrick Cox Dec 2020
You asked me what I wanted from you?

I want you
to make me forget.
Make me forget
Who I am
What planet I’m on
What year it is

Erase my mind
Of every memory
Of every person
Good and bad from existence
And if I should remember
Make me forget it all again

Except for two things

Your name
And your love
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