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Jane Oct 2017
A river frozen deep, a blanket of smooth ice.
Wide and forever in all directions.

I skate.

Wind whispering through the strands of my hair,
a sweet conversation.


I draw with the blades of my skates,
My skirt is flattered by the wind, how flirtatious.


My feet begin to confuse the ice for air and start to float.


I feel the warmth of ice.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
You found my secret talents that I hide
Every one of them I make sure is applied
You make me feel so alive
After all our desire can't be denied
I enjoy the pleasure you provide
Being on top, I love the ride
Ooohhh, to feel the power of the slip and slide
Loving the feeling of you inside
Our bodies mesh as we collide
As in and out you gently glide
No position do we leave untried
Until at last, at a ****** we arrive
We hold on to each other for dear life, as the passion slowly subsides
Aditi Kumar Sep 2015
You put on your bathing suit.
You make sure that nothing gets wet more than it needs to.
You take a deep breath.

The cold will definitely sting.
And it does.

The first few strokes are effortless,
You know for sure that you will make it across.
But then you open your eyes underwater,
And see the blue shifting and fading
With the moonlight.
And suddenly, the lines on the floor of the pool
Start to blur.
The lines leading  you there  
Start to blur.

You can see how far everyone else has come,
But measuring your own progress,
Finding out how far you have come
From where you started to wherever you are now,
Is **** near impossible.
The water still shifts and fades,
And entices you in the
Intimacy that stretches from the earth to the moon.

For how long?
For how long will you keep kicking your legs?
For how long will you keep waving your arms about?
For how long, exactly,
Will your head come up
And breathe?

And even if you reach the end,
Even if you get out of the water;
Even though you made sure that nothing got more wet than it needed to:
Your hair will still be dripping,
Your eyes will still sting.
Remember, even when you're drowning, just take a deep breath. You'll find a way to float.
Poetic T Aug 2014
Were joined to the surface,
I wish gravity would release
To be free
Like birds,
Soar free,
Glide high,
To touch the heavens before me,
I am leaving the ground
Deserting that which kept me down,
Gravity made me a prisoner
Held me to the floor,
I am free,
To arise,
To skim,
The clouds are my playground
I touch the silver lining
It is wet to the touch,
Freedom like I have never felt
Like a bird,  I am of the heavens and sky,
But this is but a dream
I am gravities prisoner,
Joined to the surface, never to be free to fly..

— The End —