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abby Nov 2019
make me invisible

make me ten times greater than I am

make me ten times smaller than I ought to be

diving in the deep end when you never learned to swim

this is not the way to learn to see.
abby Nov 2019
I want to trust myself and my intuition
I want to trust in my own greater visions

the abstract ideas that fall from me and feelings with unknown faces make it hard to even see.
abby Nov 2019
what I wouldn't give to run away into the woods alone
with nothing but a quarter and a portable pay phone
so that when I am afraid, I can call myself at home.
abby Nov 2019
the shadow in the light on the wall looks like the shadow of a face I barely recognize at all

you stand so tall as you watch me fall

I find myself in the same place and seeing the same face that I tried to come to ignore

but what for?
abby Nov 2019
when will we break through the mirror?

why can you see the parts that be that I did not even know were me?

will we turn our backs against the wall and hold on so we do not fall?

I cannot look at you for a long time
I avoid the recognition of your eyes
me in you and you in I
a distant air
a broken rhyme

I know who you are.
abby Nov 2019
harsh words spoken
old wounds open
hidden emotion
when love walks out the door

in time, it will come

you try to maintain your mystery despite the history

you cannot hide from me
you can no longer hide what lies deep inside

you cannot ask me of any more.
abby Nov 2019
the shadows fall on the pavement
the rain, it falls on the ground
the starlight falls on the trees
the leaves, they fall all around

All Things Fall, our time will come
now it is the season for the Summer to succumb
succumb to its ending, for nothing can last
Autumn has arrived, but this too shall pass

it is now the age of orange, red, and brown
the paintbrush of Nature wipes us all down
stripping us of who we were before
the blackbirds, the crows, they caw at our door

now it is the time to lengthen our sleeves
to prepare the people for All Hallow's Eve
to sit by the fire or near candlelight
to reflect on ourselves and what is in sight

All Things Fall and rise again
enjoy this time before it ends
All Things Fall and rise again
enjoy this time before it ends.
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