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abby Jun 29
perpetual hesitation to commit to just one life
so why have a life at all?
If someone can be anybody
why be anyone at all?
we all die eventually
abby Jun 8
sometimes I wish I could wipe the identity off of my face
throw away the picture and buy a new frame
but instead I wash my face only to reveal a more concentrated version of me
I used to know who I was
abby Mar 12
I bury my head below the tide to remind myself that I am alive
abby Mar 2
just as the sunset falls upon the city

I fall to my knees and pray to no one
abby Mar 1
there is another green bird

sage whisperer

drifts by as he lands down in the shade

he does not sing

maybe he is tired of the same old melody
abby Feb 22
a special cloud sat upon us
dispelled upon the trees
layering wisps of wind and rain
summoning the seas

you looked at me with love that I could not return
I have a different kind of soul
for someone else my passion burns

you hold a rare coveted place in the storm of my blue heart
your corner is sheltered with a candle in your part

you play a melody that strikes me as I sway
we run into the sky with wisteria in may

we come from different stories
born from different stars
or maybe we are just too close to take our chances much too far

exceeding expectations is what you do the best
if I’d been looking for a mirror, you would have passed the test

the special cloud moved away
we turned and said goodbye
our hands embraced inside the fog
As we walked and moved on by
a poem about unrequited love
abby Feb 19
I woke up on the wrong planet
a sphere in outer space
nothing feels the same
the change of the hour takes an eon
the hands of the clock tick with anxiety

all color drains away before my eyes
every fractal is showered with the absence of hue
bleached black
bonded to an illusion
the void is never filled
a father caresses his daughter's cheek
I watch in complacency

lassoed by the perception
the inclination to rise above
flying to the bottom of this mysterious plane
these planetary winds are not suited for my lungs
the celestial body of my own no longer belongs to me

destined to be great
I have fallen flat in the center of this terra firma
foreigner in a new world
higher and higher
I fall to the point of no return
until I reach the edge of this stratosphere
to escape the fray
too high

for you it feels the same
born into the dynasty of the heavenly craters
from the violet
you are swallowed by blood and gold
lacuna is your shame
nothing but the same
all the same
stuck to the repetitive movements of the tide

I woke up in a memory
a tear in outer space
uncharted territory
but a too familiar site
it is too silent here
I miss the dissonance of home
I miss the touch of Mother Nature
closer yet further from Father Time

I woke up on the wrong planet
wrapped up in a lie
and now there is nothing more
but only you and I
an abstract
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