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if I could bottle your presence I would
take a sip if I felt too alone
if I could bottle your presence I would
take a hit if you're gone for too long

feel you all around
taste every vision of your mind
feel you from within
casting away the time

if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to come home
if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to pick up the phone

my fever dream is real
never without you, my friend
I can finally feel
the pain is subsiding again

he will finally save me
as I lie down in this tower
she will finally praise me
as I bloom for her like a flower

my genie at once
whenever I command
my woman, my man
come into the sacred land

you will never know how often I wish you'd come by
you will never know how often I crave you inside
consuming love and need for reassurance
bitter blue breezes glide across your skin
in an overflowing orbit that always seems to win
listen to the sound of the voice of the wind
a biting chill claws its clever way in

a regal violet sky engulfs the velvet atmosphere
as the strange trees swing in tandem, you feel honored to be here
listen to the voice
the ones within the forest rejoice

misty and soft is this place
enchantment is cast upon your face

the fae wilde invites your spirit in
the grooves in the wood are carved like a mandolin
your heart will feel the stars glisten
a psychedelic morning storm
there is a floating garden that rests above my head
I try to reach it, but I am out of touch
my fingers must be broken
or maybe it is my heart
I want to fly but I am failing
falling in the deep
dying to myself
resurrecting old beliefs

struggling to comprehend why my being is now still
I am sick of being boring
I lead myself into the thrill

the abyssal oceans blue that sway inside my mind
searching for a label
a diagnosis of some kind

Time is not real
Structure cannot be measured or weighed
I wait for the big moment when my wires become frayed

being "good" does not matter
I just want to be free
But freedom is subjective when I lose sight and still see

the skylark summons the dead to rise as you watch with cloudy, wishful eyes

our sisterhood survives throughout the dark
they will never silence our voices
when we call to the tune, the world rejoices

wild child, living in a fantasy
wild child, the myth lives on within you
wild child, you create your own dreams
wild child, enchant them
do what you do

the white cat knocks over the lamp with a smile
a sea of tears flows from your eyes as deep as the Nile
a mirage is in sight, a vision it seems
the fabric of your sadness is ripped at the seams
we weave a spell together, fashioned stitch by stitch
you look to me and laugh, mischievous like a witch

our sisterhood still lives on through the dark as we wait for the time to leave our mark
they will never silence our voice
when the world calls our tune we will rejoice

fuera puera, vivens in autem fantasia
fuera puera, quod fabula vitae on intra vos
furea puera, vos creo tuus agnosco somniums
fuera puera
facio qualis vos facio
I tried with the Latin, please message me telling me how to fix it if a false translation bothers you! thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. blessed be
at war with limes, I am a lemon head
at war with limes, I want lemons instead
strange thoughts of fruits are spinning in my head
I cannot sleep, I cannot go to bed
tomorrow will be bitter, filled with dread
lemons vs limes in iambic pentameter
I see the blotches
the wrinkled tortilla's spots
just like my old face
a haiku
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