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Chance Viles Dec 2019
Spring's only just come

but I miss the ice.

I fell skating, bruised to the bone,

but that purple's nice.

Blade feet like slice,

I've fallen so much,

but only skated twice.

Around and around,

round n' round.

I gave up,
you keep going

Around and around

around n' round.

You come back to me,

just as lights go down.

Day by day,

round n' round.
How ephemeral the memories now seem.
As if they truly come from a world altogether unfamiliar…

Tis but a dream
The early mornings spent on ice,
The blinding lights and gorgeous whites,
Thirsty lungs,
Tired quadriceps,
And of course bruised knees.
And all of them filled to bursting with the emphatic movements,
And lifts,
Of the bladed ballerinas
That dance across my fading dreamscapes…

The ice-dancer glides effortlessly,
But with purpose austere.
Every muscle contracted in the manner most conducive
To manifesting their artistic desire.
From fingertips
To toe-picks
Their body transfigured into an instrument of emotion —
A weapon of beauty.
From start to end each routine is a metamorphosis:
Budding and blooming along a euphonious plane
Until the artist’s full potential is revealed…
The energy released —
The raw power,
Of the jumps and spins,
Kaleidoscopic fireworks
Against the roaring white backdrop:
Each explosion
The ignition of a chambered round;
The spiralling bullet,
The impact on target…
The artist’s winter warfare actualized.

Last night,
As such ballerinas …riveting …terrifying
Danced around the panorama of my mind’s eye
I recalled that ultimate unison between flesh and spirit;
That of the figure skater
Painting their art
On a canvas most cruel.
Amber C Mar 2019
with the stretch of his arms
he created the world
breathed life into it, a melody produced
no songs existed before
he walked, danced across the land and seas
and caressed the skies
they called him King
and prayed to him through and through
sorrow and joys, dreams and storms
a lover lost, memories gained

with the nod of his head
he flew above them
tore the skies apart, fingers pointed at
the sun, daring, duelling
smiting its rays of boastful light
there can only be one sun, he said
there can only be one him, he asserted
there can only be One, he cried
he fought like a champion, the winner
who rises while falling

with the raise of his fist
he shouted a name
no one knew whose it was, no one
dared to seek the truth
"King, oh King, we call thy name"
"I am here, I call your name"
there went the Light, a heat
permeating, invading, but like a whisper
cared and loved, silenced
the troubles in their hearts

a heart of gold
he revealed his name
a name so sweet
a name so strong
his name was Yuzuru
for Yuzuru. march 23 - 24 2019.
Logan Seamus Nov 2018
i could feel everything.
my toes as they grip the board
and my tongue as it swirls and tastes the food in my mouth.
and for an ounce of an instant,
everything felt real.
sara Jun 2018
He works, and smokes, and skates a board,
finds every waking day a chore.
His dealer says he knows the score
-he'll have a 20s, maybe more.
Takes drugs so he feels less ignored
in social circles
acts the lord,
in every conversation, bored.
Since, of himself he's so unsure.
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