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With its perks and quirks
you are exactly where
you're supposed to be
in this notion of motion

Engineered machines work
decisions guaranteed to irk
Keep those wheels turned
and focus on what is appropriate

Until a ***** curves
What went wrong
for those cogs to stop
When at speed it's hard to
see flaws before the system pops
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Roses are red ...
All hope is dead...
Violets are blue..
My grades have me *******..
Just something I said in English class at the end of the first quarter ...
Azulene Azulia Jun 2019
***** this world!!!
I scream,not so loud...
c Apr 2019
I’m sorry
So sorry
For all the things I’ve done
And all the things
I’ll ***** up next
But haven’t yet begun
NeroameeAlucard Feb 2019
What can you do
When you can't give someone a third of what they deserve?
Where can you find some more happiness to fill their eyes?
Why does this seem to happen to me all the time? I meet someone amazing and yet I still feel like I'm not worth anyone's time?

But enough with the self deprecation
For once my heart and head are United, unlike the nations
But this sensation, this feeling won't go away like pain without aspirin or julie Andrew's in a shop for sashes

What can you do? Leave it all on the table and hope they grab it
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
I'm showing him new
ways to *****.
Try to forget the past
lovers, especially the last.
I let him bite and chew
on my recipe for the stew.
Let the precious events glide
while I sat and lied.
But I wouldn't call them
lovers, as they made me numb.
They would sit and stare
with another affair.
They wouldn't want to do
the things he asks me to.
Cherisse May Sep 2018
the first time i did it,
my neck didn't break, the rope fell,
and the ***** simply came off;
it couldn't support me.

the other attempts,
I've been trying,
but I always kept telling myself there's still
some reason out there for me to try and fight this.

I guess tonight isn't one of those days.
Here's to hoping
the superglue on my ceiling
gets to hold me nice and tight.
i hate this feeling.
Seanathon May 2018
I miss you,
More than anyting.
More than earth and sky and sea.
I miss you,
And the sight of you, which I've yet to see.
And I wish you were here,
So that I could ask you about you,
And inadvertently learn something new about me.
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