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Jane Oct 2017
A river frozen deep, a blanket of smooth ice.
Wide and forever in all directions.

I skate.

Wind whispering through the strands of my hair,
a sweet conversation.


I draw with the blades of my skates,
My skirt is flattered by the wind, how flirtatious.


My feet begin to confuse the ice for air and start to float.


I feel the warmth of ice.
Poetic T Apr 2016
intangible beauty filters in the
presence of wisps of air.

Like a ghost it is abstracted from
its former form.

Pearly elegance descends to the
place where all rests static.
Joyce Jan 2016
Polar bear gliding
see slowly melting sea ice
fear global warming
Time machine roared for a minute...     Future was nearing

with outrageously high

speeded velocity     Surpassing The Bitter Past    &   Collapsing back

In itself !    Surplus      Evaporating Events      have soared above the

mundane Blue Planet

Glistening, tiny, roundabout vessels         have vanished silently, into the

wide open cracks internal to            Ethereal MotherBoard Memory

of         The MainBrain.         Truly Our Vision Focused on the
upcoming Horizon of Hope                                Saw no Evil no More
/                                                           Trapez

                                          ­                                   ist

                                                            ­   move



                                                          ­     t

                                                              ­            e

                                                           i       n      

                                                       ­               i

                                  ­                                si

                            ­                                         b  
                                                                ­       le

Observed by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
celey Jul 2015
the scrapping of rubber shoes
on the pavement alarm me
frantically gliding as if
in search of something

the halls are suddenly
narrower than yesterday
and all the other days before

this always happens
whenever i am rushing
and i am always rushing
so i wonder why i'm always
surprised to find myself this distraught
when its color isn't pretty on me
just making everyday happenings like  being late for class dramatic

— The End —