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Kanishka Jul 2020
I lie on my bed, all curled up in myself.
No lights, no ventilation, no disturbance.
There's no spark that would lead me out of this cave,
As my brain suffocated on a thoughtless wave.
The weeds growing out of my mouth stops the little part of me from screaming.
I know no one will come to save me now.
I desire nothing lord, thank you for putting me in this self made grave.
Kanishka Jul 2020
We go on and on till we die.
Come here lie on the ground with me.
Don't hesitate, let's make snow angels and
Admire how the snow provides a blank paper for the sun to paint and embellish earth.
Feel how the evergreen conifers shine like Ornaments after a strong blizzard hit them.
Let the calmness of winter imprint on your soul,
Exhale all your uncertainty and watch it
Condense into a fog and leave your body.
Kanishka Jul 2020
In my melancholy blues
I wonder if all the problems
I have are because of me.
Intoxication doesn't wash it away
Your love is all that makes me stay
Sane and numbs all the pain.
So come and let me be with you,
Let my little heart feel the bloom.
Kanishka Jul 2020
'You won’t be able to take the pressure’, people said,
‘It is tough to get in and even tougher to carry on’, they said.
Well yes, saving lives was never supposed to be easy at all.
Its true it takes years to master but wasn’t it said that great things always take time?
After having their share of sand kicked in their face at med school,
They start working selflessly day and night.
Pandemic occurs, world undergoes a standstill,
They power through, never stop and take no rest.
You expect them to be curer of all and everything,
But then why don’t you give them the love,
The respect they deserve?
Kanishka Jun 2020
Looks don’t define me but do you know what does?
The talent in my hands,
The will in my legs to carry on,
The hunger to try out new things,
The power in my neck to keep my head upright,
The brain inside my skull,
The love inside my heart,
The soul inside my body.
Be confident in your own skin.
Kanishka Jun 2020
You were my 'the one' at the wrong time.
You could've been the sun and
Could've made my moon shine.
But whenever we were together,
We caused an eclipse.
If only I could do you better,
If only we could co-exist.
Kanishka Jun 2020
Let's get tanned on the beach of Ipanema,
Where the breeze is always lively and artistic.
We'll climb Arpoador just to watch the sunset behind The Two Brothers as it casts color on the sandy bay.
As the night draws in we will head to a restaurant, where the air is drunk with bossa nova music and dance our night away.
Pack your bag let's travel.
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