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Kanishka Oct 10
The tree holds onto the ground even after a flood and dies of suffocation.
I guess that's what love does to you.
Kanishka Oct 8
I know its empty today
but someday I'll be your sunshine
And make your morning warm and cozy
With a hot cup of coffee.
This one is for him.
Kanishka Oct 7
"You dont speak much"
I've heard that too many times
But what will you do after
Your forever turned into laughter?
Pieces of your heart scatter,
Feeling served on the wrong platter,
Wanna run away from love faster,
Ain't nobody can fix me, nah no pastor.
"Why cant you trust me?"
Rings in my ear like wind chimes.
No one knows what it took to,
To again become one from two,
I bared my soul, I bared my body,
I changed my life, I changed my story.
I've been through seven hells,
Hoping all's well that ends well.
"Are you okay? Hope you're alright."
If I was, wont have written this rhyme.
No, I've been trying to be normal.
Getting sleep, I ain't nocturnal.
Now I know you think I'm hungover,
Come here, let's trade our shoes over.
This no sad song, this a rap battle.
If you didn't realise, do a do over.
I'm beginning to feel like a...
  Sep 26 Kanishka
what can a flickering candle say to
a blazing sun?
Your gleam steadily brightens my world
Kanishka Sep 26
I walk on this road while,
The winds conspire our union.
It might take longer than the true intend,
But I know that together we'll transcend.
Watch the road that led me to this on instagram @kanishkagupta.19
Kanishka Sep 15
I wish I had saved those poems,
The words portraying our love.
I wish I had done something more,
To sleep with you forever under this sycamore.
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