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Ainnoot Jun 24
She doesn’t want to be loved, just wants to be felt.
She wants a full feeling, not something fulfilling
If energy was a temporary resource
I would walk to your house,
Collapse onto your front doorstep
And know that I lived a good life
Jessica Dec 2018
We must learn
to not love
in a way that
is fulfilling to us,
but in a way
that is fulfilling
to whom we love.
Richard Jul 2018
Used to have nothing,
got into his hands the opportunity,
wanted it so desperately,
he also looked desperate.
Now why should only we fight?
Let the other side of your dream,
let it to move towards you as much as YOU move towards it. Both ways either cross or not. If not, well ... The end.
???***dreams are people***???
George Krokos Feb 2018
Few people know or believe that the Kingdom of God is like a wish fulfilling tree
that’s why it has been said ‘if you seek it first, all things will be added unto thee’.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Lunar Oct 2016
I shall give you a voice
to bravely call out his name
when you see him.
I shall grant you the legs and feet
to run fast after him
when he doesn't hear you yet.
I shall present you with arms and hands
to hold him close
when he embraces you with his.
I shall bestow unto you the lungs
with all the air you need
when he kisses you as deep as the sea.
And the most of all,
I shall give you a lifetime
to do all of this wholeheartedly.
Here is a quick write for my Squidling Princess, Kia!! It is your day, so please enjoy everything and stay safe! Here is one of your birthday wishes! I love, thank and support you forever <3 <3 <3

- Your sea godmother
when we are young
we fill our days
with everything that comes along
seductive glances lead us on
pleasures delight our senses
we feel great and strong

then comes a time
when days are filled
with children  family  and work  
with barbecues perfectly grilled
the same old jokes told for a rhyme
and little else

transition to our later years
fills days with memories of earlier ones
life’s frost has whitened our hair
we may start thinking how we were
when blood was fresh in our bones
when we faced our future with all trust  no fears

by now we know what filling our days should hold
that our thinking may be clear and bold
provoking to the young and make them dare
think their own brilliant thoughts and be aware
that we have all the time the world can give
but none to spare
“There's time enough, but none to spare” are the final words in Charles W. Chesnutt’s novel “The Marrow of Tradition” (1901) about the white racist coup in Wilmington, N. C., in 1898.
Pax Dec 2015
The fringes of fate frozen my fingers upon reaching you

………But destiny’s hands are within my grasp…

Then I used my mind’s free will to take hold of it and reach you

Together I’ve achieved fulfilling joy with you at my side

.....…towards a journey to Contentment’s path…

September 25, 2012
This was one of those poems that I am happy to say, I didn't write a sad poem today. That's what I say last time, been very busy as of lately...
gravygod Sep 2015
when is it crossing the line?
when I am in front of it all
laid out on the table
seeking a potent euphoria
constantly wondering if I have done enough
but it is never fulfilling
on a search for a meaning in this mess
yet never finding one
there's always suspense
wondering if I am secure
the thrill is so intriguing
and too hard to give up
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