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Obstruction in
fulfilling your
Dreams but
yet you'd
overcome them.

focus worked
with wisdom achievement
Things that might be keeping me awake,
These tiring nights
Hypnotic dreams making connections,
Way beyond my comprehension.

Are they meant to keep you on your path?
Or grow out of it and fly above the clouds?
An illusion of control?
Or a way to fulfil your soul?

Perplexed at those vivid pictures,
Of places and people left behind
Maybe sometimes just stuck in your mind,
Turning me into a beast of burden.

Wake up from my somnambulism
To find me back in bed
With sunken eyes, holding my head
No meaning to this pretence.

A lullaby went wrong,
A state of trance
A voice inside my head,
Speaking to me like I still had a chance.

'I know you know your pain,
Here's a ticket to hop on that train
The path is treacherous with mist all around,
But have faith, you are heaven bound'

Till the morning comes and the sun is shining bright
Still ******* in my fictitious knots,
I wake up from the slumber
Realizing it's not up to me to join the dots.

Was never great at reading signs
Been living with these feelings somehow,
At the end of the tunnel, there's a light that shines
Time to face the music now.
Oh dreams, what are you?
Coming every night,
Most of the times I don't even remember
Is it good news or bad?
All I know is I need you
For where the world would be,
Without people who had dreams and acted upon them.
Aleph Oct 2019
Even if from a distance confined
Realisation of the greatest respect
By life’s volatility remaining aside
Still craving to protect

Understand for a fact
That even if a worst fortune
Prevented me to act
And accede to no more importune

Despite lying on the ground
No longer dwelling in the trails
Words unable be found
Prevented to share tales 

Veiled in the dark of night
My gaze no longer hunts yours
Eyes not reacting to light
My affection still endures
Wind forever forsaking my lungs
Heart that have no more hours
The words shorten in our tongues

 When I alone await in the tomb
For the cycle to be complete
 Returning to the womb
Making this life obsolete  

 Still aspiring to be your knight
 When life no longer allow
Quiet and resolute I will fight
  To fulfil my silent vow

Hear my lonely plight
Angel in all your shine
Help me with my regard
Complete my vision
Always in her guard
Replace me in my mission
some feelings dispense definitions, there are a lot of ways to care
some are  so strong that go beyond time, beyond space beyond egoism
Ainnoot Jun 2019
She doesn’t want to be loved, just wants to be felt.
She wants a full feeling, not something fulfilling
Alexander Oliver Feb 2019
If energy was a temporary resource
I would walk to your house,
Collapse onto your front doorstep
And know that I lived a good life
Jessica Dec 2018
We must learn
to not love
in a way that
is fulfilling to us,
but in a way
that is fulfilling
to whom we love.
Richard Jul 2018
Used to have nothing,
got into his hands the opportunity,
wanted it so desperately,
he also looked desperate.
Now why should only we fight?
Let the other side of your dream,
let it to move towards you as much as YOU move towards it. Both ways either cross or not. If not, well ... The end.
???***dreams are people***???
George Krokos Feb 2018
Few people know or believe that the Kingdom of God is like a wish fulfilling tree
that’s why it has been said ‘if you seek it first, all things will be added unto thee’.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Lunar Oct 2016
I shall give you a voice
to bravely call out his name
when you see him.
I shall grant you the legs and feet
to run fast after him
when he doesn't hear you yet.
I shall present you with arms and hands
to hold him close
when he embraces you with his.
I shall bestow unto you the lungs
with all the air you need
when he kisses you as deep as the sea.
And the most of all,
I shall give you a lifetime
to do all of this wholeheartedly.
Here is a quick write for my Squidling Princess, Kia!! It is your day, so please enjoy everything and stay safe! Here is one of your birthday wishes! I love, thank and support you forever <3 <3 <3

- Your sea godmother
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