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Ivy Chakma Sep 2020
I know i was born for something greater
than just wait and watch life pass me by.
I have a purpose i feel deep within my core;
A need to fulfill every time my heart screams
"don't settle, not yet".
I believe i can be all i want to be,
All i need to do is hear my calling
in this suppressed world of illusions.
I don't know how far i can go
but i won't stop trying.
You will always find people especially loved ones who will not always support your dreams, but if you want it bad and it gives you chills, know that it is the right thing to do. Don't dishearten yourself with failures, it is the most vital part of your progress.
Ivy Chakma Apr 2020
To you I am like the winter snow,
There is only this much of me you will ever know,
There are darker parts of me buried under the snow.
There is so much a person will know as much as you are willing to show. No one can ever know all of you but you. You man seem as beautiful and fascinating as the snow but know one will know the inner dangers covered underneath the snow.
Ivy Chakma Apr 2020
For what I desire, I will have to
set my sleep on fire.
I have realised over and over again that when you truly want something so desperately, it gets your adrenaline running, you can give it all up.
Ivy Chakma Apr 2020
By being my truest purest form,
I will be unforgettable to you.
One can never forget the other after he has seen her brightest to the darkest sides.
Ivy Chakma Apr 2020
To be forgiving is the hardest,
But the sweetest gift to the self.
Ivy Chakma Jul 2019
My heart aches to know
how lonely you maybe
despite a son, a daughter and a lover,
how lonely you maybe
despite a career and people
a brother and a sister
a dog and a neighbour,
how lonely you maybe
breathing, smiling, falling,
drinking, sobbing,
smashing, breaking apart, screaming,
my heart aches to know
that despite knowing how lonely you could be,
I am miles away helpless
thiking about you.
#father #letter #love #care #daughter #distance #memories #bond
Ivy Chakma Jul 2019
For those who seek for forgiveness
I forgive you,
for those who are lost
I will help you through,
For those who are hurt
I will heal with you,
For those who seek love
Love yourself and then the other.
#notetoself #love #happiness #life #self-love #feelings #alone
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