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That sadness in your eyes
the sight I want to know the reason why
you look at things with such a lonely gaze
like walking down a sad memory lane.

That sadness in your eyes
unconsciously reflecting what you feel inside
What made your heart gloomy?
Who made it hurt like that?

That sadness in your eyes
covered with your bright sunny smile
deceiving the hearts around you
and fooling your heart too.
Mary Frances Jan 15
If I stop my own heart,
will it stop loving you?
Will it stop hoping for you?
Will it stop longing for you?
Will it stop missing you?

If I stop my own heart,
will you start loving me too?
Will you start hoping for me?
Will you start longing for me?
Will you start missing me?

I wonder.
Mary Frances Jan 14
I reached out unto your cage to release your shackles
but you closed your doors hurting my hands.
The pain is real and I am left confused.
All I ever wanted is for you to be free.
Yet you bowed your head in defeat
and retreated back into the shadows.
I'm not sure for whom my tears will be.
Do I let them fall for you?
Do I let them fall for me?
I've wounded myself and the scars are reminders of you.
I never thought holding on to you would be this painful.
I'm ready to take the fall with you
but you are full of what ifs and maybe.
So I guess I'll just let my tears fall for me.
Mary Frances Jan 9
I had my heart broken
when your lips spoke of forever
yet I couldn't see forever in your eyes.
Mary Frances Jan 7
I wished..
I asked..
I plead..
I prayed..
..for time.
..more time with you.

And the Sunset witnessed it.
Mary Frances Dec 2018
Her heart ached for the sorrow she saw in his eyes.
She reached out her hand to him.
Yet he chose to drown himself alone in sadness.
She burdened her heart of pain for the both of them.
Hearts were broken. Tears were shed.
She cried for him while he cried for another.
Mary Frances Dec 2018
I look at myself everyday
in the mirror and then realize
I've been given the most beautiful gift
I could ever ask for - my existence;
my chance of life;
my chance of love.
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