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Mary Frances Nov 2020
How many times
do I need
to break my heart
just to heal yours?
Mary Frances Nov 2020
Happiness has its own hefty price you have to pay.
I paid mine with the one who held my heart.

And I still often ask if my happiness
is worth for the price I paid.
And I sometimes ask what else do I need to give up for him to have his happiness.
Mary Frances Oct 2020
Wake up.
You've been asleep for too long.
You haven't seen the sunlight and experienced its warmth.

Wake up.
I want to see you living well,
doing the things that you love.

Wake up.
You still have a lot to do.
Achieve your dreams.
Give love.
Celebrate life.

Wake up!
I beg of you.

Wake up!
The world is waiting for you.
I am waiting for you.
Mary Frances Oct 2020
They said that even demons
sometimes have a change of heart.
This made me wonder.
My demons' hearts never changed.
But mine did.
And it got even darker
as it gets broken over and over again.
Mary Frances Aug 2020
I've been dreading the time when all will end.
Like how my dreams cease when I awake.
You're walking away, bringing every bit with you.
Like how the Autumn leaves silently fall, taking away the warmth of Summer.
I may have seen it coming like the start of winter.
So I'll just welcome the cold while letting my tears fall.
With those tears comes everything I have and all that's left to say,
"Goodbye, my love."
Mary Frances Jul 2020
I have been listening to you. To all your worries and pain, your sorrows and tears, your brokenness and shame. I've witnessed everything, held you heart and loved you all the same.

But when my time came and all of me became broken, why did you throw me away?
Mary Frances Nov 2019
I see love with all those beautiful colors,
with colors brought by Dusk and Dawn,
with colors when the Sun kisses the sky as it rises
and the horizon, as it sets.

I see love with all those beautiful colors,
like how blue the sky is in a clear, bright day,
like how fresh the flowers and leaves are in early Spring.

Though there are times that love is dull and dark,
with colors that are grey and black,
like how the clouds become heavy in gloomy days,
love still remains to be beautiful.

For to be loved is beautiful.
And being loved by him will always be beautiful.
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