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fika 6d
i bend over
and every inch of my spine
comes together
holding a body
that can barley be supported

i like when i look in the mirror
and my hip bones show

let me tell you
i’m so ******* hungry
i’m so angry
i’m so ******* tired
fika Sep 19
i put all my worth into the hands of people
that don't know me
why do i do this
fika Sep 19
i don't know who you are
i don't know the person you're becoming
i don't want to know the person you're becoming

please come back
fika Sep 19
i wish you knew your worth
this is heartbreaking
fika Aug 26
sometimes you need to
take a step back and
ask yourself
how does this person benefit me
know your worth before you give it all to someone
fika Aug 26
his hands touch me
like you used to
but he’s not you

come back
fika Aug 17
allow yourself to feel

just feel.
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