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fika 2h
don’t let others take advantage of your vulnerability
fika Jul 30
it felt like home
in your arms again
my heart is healing
fika Jul 21
your hands touch my body
and play me
like the beautiful song
with rhythm
and sweet words
i was always meant to me
fika Jul 19
in a world that moves so fast
sometimes we need to slow down
fika /fee-ka/ - a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. “coffee with friends”
fika Jul 5
i miss waking up
and you being the first thing i see
my heart is breaking
fika Jul 4
I pushed you too far
You pushed for me
But you wouldn’t let me go down that path any longer
I thought you failed me
You only did it out of love
I got sick
You were unable to fight it off
You weren't weak
You didn’t have another choice
You fainted
Hands that saw your true beauty that I couldn’t see caught you.
Dad caught you.
You became frail
You became pale
Doctors saw illness
Needles pricked in you
Tests were taken

But I saw beauty
That still needed “more” progress

I will not let myself go down that path again

Thank you
You taught me love
You taught me acceptance
You taught me that eating is a form of self respect
I want to grow with you

I love you
fika Jul 3
i find you-
in everything i see
my heart is breaking
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