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BoringBoy Aug 5
i can see you,
you aren't invisible and neither am i,
But you're like smoke, slipping through my fingers.
i can't reach you,
i can't hug you,
No matter how far i stretch for you,
No matter how loud i scream,
How hard i cry,
How big i smile,
you're like a work of fiction that i can't experience,
But i'd like to.
i do want you.

i'm overwhelmed that i'll wake up,
And we won't get to hold each other,
So filled with emotion,
i could turn into smoke.
Paras Bajaj Jul 8
will you hold on to me
even if I won't be around?
will you listen to my voice  
even if I won't make a sound?

will you still love me
when I won't be so lovable?
will you still reach out
when I won't be reachable?

will you even miss me
if I won't ever call?
will you try to find me
when I won't like to be found?

will you still save me
when I won't like to be saved?
will you still fix my pieces
if I won't be that brave?
Lizzie Nelson May 11
I'm squirrel watching.
I'm watching you and
those buxom cheeks,
filled by twitchy nibbles.
Then frozen features as you pause
to look right at me,
trapped and double glazed,
impotent indoors.
And I wince a little,
my tummy tickles
as you return to your meal
with another bite
from your nimbly nutgrasping paws.
I can read his mind and ink his thinks.
Sipaas Mar 14
I'm the light
you love so fondly,
but I'm the darkness too,
which you just can't stand.
BlueInkDitty Oct 2018
Shivering out in the cold,
A feather floated gently,
Out of ways she had been told,
Out of all insanity.

The feather flew with the wind,
Free to take all the wrong roads,
She felt every heart that was to bind,
Free from every tears they crowed.

She saw a glistening light away,
Lost into the night and dark,
She saw a star brightening her way,
With that tender colorful spark.

The feather strived into the gusts,
To reach the star and its glitter,
She fought the murk and knew she must,
Find the warmth of its shimmer.

The higher she went,
The harder it became,
And as her fluff could smell its scent,
The bleak had her stem maimed.

Shivering out on the ground,
A feather cried softly,
And there was no one around,
To hear her stranded love story.
Olivia Sep 2018
Two blue piercing eyes
A luminous sky
And your hand in mine.

Our breaths becoming one
A bright green esplanade
Two pigeons flying above the clouds
To reach the unreachable
To dream of being free
To leave what was once their land.

I’m biting my nails and you’re looking at me.
I’m wondering for how long you will stay this time.
Will you leave without a word
Or will you disappear ?
I know you will leave anyway…
Not that I don’t trust you,
It’s me, that I don’t trust.
I know you’re in my head
But doesn’t that make you more real?

I want to make a promise
To myself, to you, to your eyes, to the sky.
I want to promise you that I will fight
And maybe I’ll get closer to the unreachable.
I got this idea in class, was supposed to be in French but kinda like it in English.
Hope you like it xoxo
Anya Jul 2018
It’s a coming
Not yet arrived
Seemingly soon
Yet out of reach
Only there for the journey
Chasing after an untouchable destination
Which begs the question
Are you there for the journey or
The destination?
Saeed Cruise Mar 2018
Whispers, telling me give up
You will never win her
‘Come on’ don’t be coward
You love her, you can’t give up on her, she is your everything
What’s that humming
This dilemma is suffocating me
Hussein Jul 2017
Today they made me an offer
What if I could reach her in one step?
I took half a step, I watched her from far.
The way she talks and sleeps
The way she laughs, lives and loves
Everything in her is gorgeous
And just by watching my heart was already full of happiness.
I came back
The happiness became a hard hateful feeling of loneliness.
It became my habit, for days, weeks or maybe months?
The time passed
I couldn't  give half steps, or even one, not anymore.
I knew it would happen, why am I so scared, ao guilty of what I've done to myself?
The answer was in front of me
I should take 2 steps
In the next day I had to choose
I chose to not take any
Im stuck, who can help me?
Oh, at least if she took one step back
She didn't do it in that day, and will never do, she was going forward.
Why can't I do the same?
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