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Nylee Jul 2020
You are not my sun
Not even my moon
In the dark sky
You are just bright star
Light years away
Puck Apr 2020
If people were colors

You would be bright blue

And as a simple grey

I would probably get lost in you
Grey Mar 2020
I raise my gaze toward the pale blue sky,
staring out my window as I watch the world go by.
Pale cheek pressed against a ****** hand,
I daydream of travelling across unknown lands.
Fantasy worlds and magic forests tug at the back of my mind,
things that only characters in books could ever really find.
But always stuck in my room, nothing around,
how can I truly know what wonders abound?
To a prisoner, fiction is being free --
something that I know I never will be.
My frail fingers trace the words engraved on the window's wood --
"Your mind will let you be what no one else ever could."
Except how can it really let me live
if life is a present that no one will give?
Trying something new :) This one kind of reminds me of Repunzel, though it was partially inspired by the lockdown.
I wish you loved me as much as you loved the rain and stars,
From the unfathomable depths of the sea, I could still see your twin suns,
so unreachable,


Till the day the proud celestials descend from their lonely thrones,
Till the day I drown on tides of breath and speckled sky,
Till the day when crowns of sea spray bow and set ablaze.

You will always be so, like rain through a sieve of starlight;

little lion Jan 2020
You'd think that by now, I would know better than to fall for someone like you; that my heart would have realized falling for someone so unreachable was foolish. You'd think that years of heartbreak and betrayal would have taught me that some people are simply meant to be alone... that I'm simply meant to be

You'd think I'd know better than to try and make myself beautiful for you, that years of failed attempts to cover my flaws with foundation and mascara would have been enough. That I'd have realized by the third time that words of love are just words of lies; that love is only given to those who deserve it... and that I don't
deserve it.

I thought I knew better; knew that my dreams of a happily ever after were no more than the dreams of a naive schoolgirl, pining after a man that would never exist... a man that would never love her.
Knew that Sunday mornings spent curled up with the love of your life were only for those who didn't have to try, that love was supposed to be effortless.
Knew that I would never be, will never be the one anyone wants, that my soul was too tainted and imperfect to have a mate. That somebody like you was just a fantasy.

But you're here...and ever so unreachable.
c a r o l i n e Oct 2019
Cause you made me beautiful among a million stars
And I keep asking myself what had teared us apart
And I know I can't have you
Cause you're untouchable
Cause you're the type to fall in love with the moon
So beautifully unreachable

I loved you from the very start
And still love you from afar
'Cause you have my heart
EmperorMoth Aug 2019
i can see you,
you aren't invisible and neither am i,
But you're like smoke, slipping through my fingers.
i can't reach you,
i can't hug you,
No matter how far i stretch for you,
No matter how loud i scream,
How hard i cry,
How big i smile,
you're like a work of fiction that i can't experience,
But i'd like to.
i do want you.

i'm overwhelmed that i'll wake up,
And we won't get to hold each other,
So filled with emotion,
i could turn into smoke.
Paras Bajaj Jul 2019
will you hold on to me
even if I won't be around?
will you listen to my voice  
even if I won't make a sound?

will you still love me
when I won't be so lovable?
will you still reach out
when I won't be reachable?

will you even miss me
if I won't ever call?
will you try to find me
when I won't like to be found?

will you still save me
when I won't like to be saved?
will you still fix my pieces
if I won't be that brave?
Lizzie Nelson May 2019
I'm squirrel watching.
I'm watching you and
those buxom cheeks,
filled by twitchy nibbles.
Then frozen features as you pause
to look right at me,
trapped and double glazed,
impotent indoors.
And I wince a little,
my tummy tickles
as you return to your meal
with another bite
from your nimbly nutgrasping paws.
I can read his mind and ink his thinks.
Sipaas Mar 2019
I'm the light
you love so fondly,
but I'm the darkness too,
which you just can't stand.
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