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I hope you never make a promise
Before you realize what the cost is
And you learn how to make amends

I hope for her sake that you're honest
When you've lost it
And you never try to force a feeling

I hope I never minimize
The dreams I've always had inside
Just to make a man feel taller

I'm thankful and I sympathize
The years I had you by my side
You never tried to make me feel smaller

And still, our distance just grew farther
And still, loving you grew harder
Hammad Aug 22
The sun rises and sets
with no delay
and never gets tired,
slows down,
takes a break,
Or stands still...

when the stars, and the moon
or dip on the horizon
so those who are gone
can find their way

The rivers and the oceans
never go dry...
there's a strange force
that drives
the tides and storms
Heaps of wonders and secrets
nestled within
thier depths
for those who seek the pearls...

Dear humans!
Have you pondered yet?
how beautifully
the hummingbirds
can fly forward,
and upside down...

There's a perfect rhythm
in everything -  that exists

so when they say
it all started
with a chaos...
I always wondered
How could
a mere disorder
give birth
to the perfect order that we see?
Due to force of gravity;
An apple fall down from tree;
And Newton's gave law of gravity.
In Today's time,
I feel situation like same.
Due to force of attraction;
Boy's falling behind girls;
And we gave the law of attraction.

This poem is for enjoyment...
I really felt like the situation so i write in like such manner
Thanks for reading.
Amanda Hawk Jun 21
Pulling force
we revolve, attractive
drawing us
so many rules
try to define me
simply because
I know how
to keep my feet
on the ground
Bhill Jun 8
from the remote corners of emptiness, the winds came
striking with such a constant and unexpected force
a tone unlike any known before
howling around corners and through the rafters of time
seizing anything in its way
and then it was gone.....
finished with the rising sun

Brian Hill - 2020 # 156
-elixir- Jun 5
The man rows his boat,
away from the shores
  of livid hate,
   into the ocean,
    in the pale moonlight,
     as the night dissolves
      the blur and stars
       shine his mind;
        and the ocean
         swallows his soul
           for his Nirvana.
live and let live
Maria Mitea May 17
Cura is the creator of all things,
In a double meaning,
and in a double way.

As long-as Cura lives,
safeguards and keeps all things
In a double meaning,
and in a double way.

Engaged and
faithful to all things
In a double meaning,
and in a double way.

Absorbed in the world,
Is the work of Caring.

Devoted in the world,
Is the work of Caring.

In a double meaning
and in a double way.
Cura is a Latine word, meaning "Care". Cura is the name of a   a Roman goddess who created the first human.
“ The time would come when we`ll understand that care and love are forces in the universe as real as gravity force.”  
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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