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Poetic T Feb 2
If words could weep,  
           mine would be rivers

And the sentences would be
           a deluge on my


We all drown,
but its our choice
   which tide we try to

fight against.

How will we drown...
Allyssa Apr 2019
A story isn’t a story without the beginning.
A beginning that told us from the start that there was an end,
An end so near that we were not ready.
I was afraid of the cliffhanger that approached quicker than a rolling thunderstorm,
A storm that looked only of dark skies with hopes of a drizzle,
Not a flood.
Our passion died like the fire within that storm,
The drizzle that turned from a downpour into a flood warning into a whirling tornado of unhappiness.
My dear, I wish I could say we were the storm but I was the rain and you were the fire but the thing was,
You saw me coming.
You saw the storm and the rain yet you lit yourself upon a dry Sahara of promises and the secret I do’s we whispered to each other during the night.
That dry, crackled earth turned soft and squishy from the waves of turmoil that rained down onto the surface,
The fire doused with remorse over a lost lover.
You weren’t dead,
You just left without saying goodbye.
The ****** was nothing of a ****** but a steady decline of I love you’s to, “Have a good life,”
To barely talking,
To trailing down a hill to the very end of our story,
I regret everything but you, my darling.
The damp earth will grow again and while I may remember the dry Sahara,
I will grow a rainforest of color without you in it.
I’m back.
stopdoopy Dec 2018
I wish you'd never told me.
Now I'm laying in bed,
torn between feeling sorry for myself,
hating you,
and trying to move on.
As I lay here I think back
"I like him,
I don't know if I could love you as more than a friend,
if our relationship can get deeper".
Why did you say it then?
Why did you tell me my feelings were reciprocated?

You doused my burning heart in water,
and now there's no glow at all,
not even a flicker.
an old post breakup poem I never got around to postin til now
JayceeJellies Mar 2016
I breathe it in from the end
Of this balloon that I'm holding
and blow it back in
I keep inhaling,
I'm finally doing it.
I'm getting out.
No more worries;
No more doubts
Because now my lungs are helium doused .
I had a dream about this and thought I'd write about it.
Poetic T Dec 2014
Love nearly ignited, but then
An extinguisher of thought
Put a stop to that,
The flame was nearly gone
Was so small, exhausted little thing,
"Till that day"
"Till that kiss"
Then a candle flame burnt
In the heart,
It was if I had never
"Thoughts were wavering"
But I would not let this flame
Be silenced as before,
My heart was aglow
Warmth not felt since long ago,
I felt dazed with every touch
A kiss would be a journey
"Moments of bliss"
Where two lips met,
Words weren't needed
Our hands told each the
In each others arms,
Never again would I let feelings
Be doused, extinguished,
This time I'm letting love lead,
"No matter what happens"
I will once again let this feeling guide my way.

— The End —