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Johnedel Rubinas Nov 2018
Walled off gates, not a single emotion
Heart more guarded than the deepest ocean
Afraid but he’s hopeful
Hides but secretly wants to be found
Lets his guard down and doors slam like a crocs jaw
Running out of time, running out of hope
Finally gives up and let’s the waves crash down

An angel glides into his void
Breaking down walls with a barrage of smiles
Seeping her light into his dungeon
Feeling her warmth, her aura of love
With courage present he reaches out
Skin to skin they touch
His heart smiles as it’s rises from its tomb
A burnt out wick now a blaze of joy
She resurrected his smile, she rekindled his flame
Hidden Glace Oct 2018
I’m not alright
Maybe it’s just tonight
The way my head is spinning
But I can’t help but know
That a part of me is missing

I’m not alright
And it’s not tonight
I can’t stand to admit I’m scared
To hold you in my arms again
Because you might slip away while
I sleep with my dæmons

I’m not alright
But only for a few more nights
Because I’ll finally see you
And you’ll be coming to see me,
Rather than talk me off a ledge

I’m not alright,
But only because I miss you again
And I know I love you again.

I’m not alright,
But I know you miss me again,
And I know you love me again.
So maybe I’m alright
And I just feel suddenly alone
I’m gonna see someone I haven’t seen in over a year.. I’m terrified but so, so excited, I can’t not write about it...
Poetroyalee Dec 2017
You gave life to my words
and I became a poet again.
We fought without swords
then travelled back to where we began.
Lady Ravenhill Feb 2017
I will find your candied heart again.
From memories when it used to love me
But you left it out somewhere to dry
and forgot you promised to ‘Be Mine’

When your heart sees mine again
It will remember to ‘Love Her’
Opening up to my sugared kisses
Combining in our caramel embrace

The world will melts into pools of bliss
As we savor our physical confections
Form our  tender ‘First Kiss’
To our chocolate crescendo

Candy hearts scattered on the floor
Basking in our afterglow of sugar and spice
You’ll  ask me where I’ve been all this time
And Ill remind you I always ‘Love You’
©LadyofRavenhill 2/14/17
Inspired by a box of Sweetheart Message Hearts and the fact that it's Valentines Day.
Neen May 2015
I watch the rise and fall of your chest
And in this moment time has no meaning;
In this moment time has not progressed.

Our past,
The horrible wounds inflicted on our souls
In the ****** war we waged
Never transpired

your eyes gaze lovingly into mine, and I am lost.

Everything melts away -
All that is left is us.
We are naked, pure,
And I am left breathless, and dazzled by
The presence of your soul

As always my love
We are one...
We are infinite.
Poetic T Dec 2014
Love nearly ignited, but then
An extinguisher of thought
Put a stop to that,
The flame was nearly gone
Was so small, exhausted little thing,
"Till that day"
"Till that kiss"
Then a candle flame burnt
In the heart,
It was if I had never
"Thoughts were wavering"
But I would not let this flame
Be silenced as before,
My heart was aglow
Warmth not felt since long ago,
I felt dazed with every touch
A kiss would be a journey
"Moments of bliss"
Where two lips met,
Words weren't needed
Our hands told each the
In each others arms,
Never again would I let feelings
Be doused, extinguished,
This time I'm letting love lead,
"No matter what happens"
I will once again let this feeling guide my way.
blklvndr Jul 2014
A year and one month ago I met a man and it wasn't what I had planned.

I always loved him from afar, even when he was out at all the bars.

In-between these months, in-between the snow, he'd miss me and he'd let me know. I never wanted to make it a show, so I never let anyone know.

I always kept my distance because I knew I could love him again in an instant.

He called me tonight, it was sure a sight.

I think I love him again. Why did this begin?

— The End —