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Alina Dec 2020
And she lay, draped across her bed letting her own chaos engulf her till she had drowned in it all.

Meca Sep 2020
Engulf me in love,
Break me in half,
Only once-more,
Only encore,
Lament time
Kalarav Sep 2020
A purple berried
White flowered ****
With intricate petals
Placed in pairs of three

Has spread its roots
Deep into my heart
Branched into both halves
Of my brain

I watch it grow in awe,
As the leaves
Branch symmetrically
Simultaneously wince in agony

As the roots
Are tearing through
The very soil
In which they grew

Do I rip out this
Uninvited beauty
And leave myself

Or do I
Let it flourish
And eventually
Engulf my being.
LC Apr 2020
she walks into an abyss.
the light slowly fades -
she barely notices.

she starts to run
as her breathing quickens.
she claws at the abyss,
hoping for a way out.

she hears a voice,
soft yet secure,
that guides her.
the light appears as
she takes small steps.

she keeps walking
until the light engulfs her.
she is free.
#escapril day 6!
Kiara Hoxie Dec 2018
The cold, dark sky spreads
Threatening to engulf the world below
The trees and forest disappear in gloomy shreds
As the sun's rays fail to show

Shadows stretch into hills and valleys
Oceans and rivers grow freezing and black
Darkness continues to rally
In a pattern impossible to track

Under the blanket of the night sky
The earth is cold and still
Bushes, plants and flowers wilt and die
In the shade the world has willed
x Jul 2018
please do not smother me

                 smothering implies force
           it implies suppression
  Or asphyxiation
it is something not being wanted

         instead engulf me in your love
    let me be immersed in it
cradle me in it
Coddle me
shelter me
                        let me breathe
                              So i can appreciate it
                   and feel it all around me
             that makes it so much better
      ever so soft
      ever so loving
      ever so gentle

                 I understand why you want to smother
                                 i do
                          but you’re somebody
                     you’re important
                You’re love is important
        the best thing you can give along with       your time.
   It’s valuable,
so you shouldn’t give it if it is not unwanted

                           even to me

                        Or at least don’t make it a habit with anyone
                you see
        because you are too precious
    and valuable
    and important
    but thank you

                                I do
                          I appreciate the gesture and the thought.
                     I do
                  I want your love but not like that
           just not that way
       just not by suffocation
 I want to be engulfed in it

                     there’s a difference
JayceeJellies Sep 2017
I want to fall backwards
into a beautiful abyss
full of colorful jellyfish.

I'm sick of the sadness
that likes taking over me
during these darkened hours.

So, please, engulf me.
Electrocute me to sleep.
Kerli Tulva Jul 2017
Delirium is sweet as honey
You are the victim of money
You paint your life on a paper
Yet everything becomes vapor
Heading on the road of youth
Is there a solution what soothes
Throught the fingers time melts
You are on your way, you knelt
The picture of Dali in your mind
The secret fortune, you must find
Hundred butterfiles are so brittle
Fortune is never firm, it is hidden
The flames are already engulfing
Now you must only confront it.
i let the cold arms of our Mother
embrace me
as i lie, naked and vulnerable
upon her body.
if only she were to rise up and engulf me
would be beautiful.
-df Mar 2017
I never knew you could
feel at home with someone.
Safe in someone's embrace.
And then I met you...
You didn't give me flowers,
you planted me a garden.
You didn't just tell me you
loved me, you showed me.
You didn't hurt me,
you saved me.
I was waiting for the
emptiness to engulf me,
but you came along and gave me
a safe haven.

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