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JayceeJellies Aug 2015
I'm sinking under the waters surface
In some sort of helpless hoping
that they'll entangle me inside
of their electric lace curtains,
Won't you engulf me?
Swallow me whole and
electrocute me.

Maybe then I'll wake up as one of you.
Sinking for completely different reasons
flowing gracefully, seeking out prey.
Let me explore with you...
Meg B Apr 2014
it's like I've been moving in slow motion
caught somewhere between dreams & what's real
eyes open, eyes closed
as they flutter open
I wonder...
when dreams and reality are to come

the way I lose my breath
the thought,
the mere idea, memory, desire
your hands on the small of my back
your lips
I remember,
and, too, sadly, I forget,
and I hope
and I

I hear melodies, old and new, too
they remind me,
entice me,
help me dream...

But, is it a dream?
is it memories?
My memories and dreams,
they're one in the same.
It did happen,
it could happen,
will it happen?

I'm not waiting,
and I'm
I don't care,
and I care so much.
I'm too busy for you,
and I'm always thinking of you.

Your words,
they have left,
they still leave,
they will leave,
a mark on my heart.

I think of your face,
your lips
     your hands,
your laugh,
your voice,
    but most of all...
I think of your words.

Words is what
we always exchange.
Almost like,
sometimes I think,
we have our own language.
Years spent studying it,
yet your words,
they are
              the most

You've said,
and you say,
so many things.
I get it all.
I hold onto each syllable,
written and oral,
they all touch me alike.

I am captivated
  by you--
  your thoughts,
    your mind.
It is your spirit,
that won me.
The thoughts you store,
a complex man
in a world too stipple to understand
Often he has been a lone wolf.
Often he has struggled,
yet he was never defeated.
You have transformed,
as a caterpillar does into
a butterfly...
You now are transformed
into a man with a past,
with wisdom,
with baggage,
with an impendium of knowledge,
with a story...

It is this story, this very story,
these words,
they have won me,
taken their arms,
held me,
taken me in,
engulfed me.

Your story.
Your words.
All of it.
I would listen,

— The End —