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Kalarav Sep 2020
I gave a piece of my empathy
to everybody
and the leftovers
I gave myself.
I asked myself
"Dear, what hurts you?
What stops you
from growing?"
and said goodbye
to all that stood
between me
and who I ought to be.
Kalarav Sep 2020
Put your dreams into the locker
They are too precious to display
Learn to live the mediocre
This is life, no school play

There will be no outburst of glitter
When you make it to the end of day
This is simply a reminder
The world does not work as you say
Kalarav Sep 2020
A purple berried
White flowered ****
With intricate petals
Placed in pairs of three

Has spread its roots
Deep into my heart
Branched into both halves
Of my brain

I watch it grow in awe,
As the leaves
Branch symmetrically
Simultaneously wince in agony

As the roots
Are tearing through
The very soil
In which they grew

Do I rip out this
Uninvited beauty
And leave myself

Or do I
Let it flourish
And eventually
Engulf my being.
Kalarav Jul 2020
I sort my drawer
into compartments
for socks, napkins and ties
hoping to make up for
the unsorted pile in my mind

I watch the sunset and sunrise
in attempts to get the closures
and new beginnings
that I never got.
Kalarav Apr 2020
In my search for happiness,
I found pleasure and prayer,
Satisfaction and abstinence.
How much of it was true
And how much an illusion?

People spoke of balance
But to me it was about
Giving it all up
Or completely giving in.

I decided to give in
But only to the realm within
And yet I could not differentiate
How much of it was true
And how much an illusion.
Kalarav Apr 2020
My fingers got numb
holding the pen
while I wrote those words
for you to read

Yes, those words that did not even
get the chance
for you to glance
at them

You did not understand
the numbness in my hand
how would you ever understand
the numbness in my mind

That followed after those
words met their fate
and flow down the drain

Makes me wonder
will anybody be numb
once I met
my fate?
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