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Kalarav May 15
Unlike birds of a feather,
the feathers of a bird are separable.
Sometimes, even replaceable.
However, every shed feather,
wherever it lands,
reminds the beholder
of the same Bird.
we may not realise it, but we all have in us a part of each person we grew up with, each person that was/ is a part of our life.
  Nov 2018 Kalarav
Renée Casey
It is not enough
to want to let someone

They must first
on the door
Kalarav Nov 2018
To the people who were a part of my life, my people,
You were just like clouds.

Gave me the day I deserved.
Some days it rained, some days it shone.
Some days I got the best views at dusk,
Because you were just like clouds.

I wish you stayed longer,
But you were just like clouds.

I wish you were my Sun,
Then, I could see you all day long,
But you were just like clouds.
Kalarav Nov 2018
Time keeps moving forward,
But I am in the same place as yesterday.
Everything evolved in the span of two days,
But has my heart? Has my soul?

My mind is a time machine
Swinging between the past and the future.
When will it learn to live in the present?
When will I make the best of today?
Hopefully tomorrow
Kalarav Oct 2018
Of what cost is a smile?
Of what cost is a 'hi, how are you?'?
Of what cost is an act of kindness?
Of what cost is selfless love?
Our ego seems like a good bargain.
Or simply a good gain.
Kalarav Oct 2018
The air might be shapeless, colourless and odourless,
But the winds, they always have something to show,
something to say, something to convey.
Today's winds told me about the coming rains.
They howled to complain about climate change.
They sang songs with the wind chimes.
Then they brought the smell of wet mud as it rained.
Just like yesterday.
The only thing that has changed is that they no longer
carry your scent.
They no longer carry the sound of your voice to my ears.
Familiar and yet so strange,
I guess that is why they are called winds of change.
Kalarav Sep 2017
I can barely see the Sun now.
It's slowly drowning into a pool of clouds,
turning a shade darker as it does so,
like a red bindi in the sky.
Awed by the mysterious beauty
I stand there starring.
Orange, pink and red clouds
fading into a deep blue.
The rest of the sky is covered with tiny shiny dots
and silhouettes of birds flying home
on the amber background.
The Sun's glowing like a jasper
and slowly it's completely under the horizon,
but a few rays cut through the clouds
like closing doors of the Heavens.
After the sunset the sky is a different kind of heaven.
The Night wears her beautiful cerulean dress,
decorated with diamonds we call stars.
They twinkle, they're a priceless sight,
covered often by clouds or pollution
seems like she is unhappy with us humans.
Nature, a vast beauty all around.
Despite being forgotten
it shows off it's beauty in a daily routine.
Do you care to notice?
Sunsets are priceless sights I see everyday. There is so much in life we forget to notice, but life goes on. When you feel low take a look around, you'll find a reason to live, to love!
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