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alexis Sep 2018
To be as free as a cloud
having no where to be and nothing to see
to float free with nothing bringing you down
to be a cloud

To be as helpless as a tree
to be planted wherever without a choice
to be stuck unable to move or leave and then stripped of your dignity
for people to tear you down for better things even though they really need you
to be a tree

Though both things are a part of nature and both are needed
they live drastically different lives  
but we wouldn't know what bad is without clouds and we wouldn't know what good is without trees
-Comparison and Balance
alexis Oct 2017
I knew you were bad and toxic
How could I not see that eventually you would utterly destroy me
Loving  you with everything I had
You didn't seem so bad
Everyone told me your would hurt me

My friends got mad,said you were bad news
And I would be left listening to the blues
But I loved you anyways
How could I not see that you would break me

Break me so much I wanted to die
But this was no surprise
I knew this would happend
I wanted to believe your lies
I wanted them to be true
I wanted you to love me like I loved you

I saw you like no one else saw you
I saw the good in you
When everyone said there was just bad(maybe they were right maybe I should have listened)
But now my eyes glisten from tears
I wish I would have listened
alexis Sep 2017
I envy them
For they are free
But that unfortunately isn't me
They soar in the sky
While I'm stuck down here in my dimise
I hear them sing
"If you can't fly then run",once said Martin Luther king jr
So I run and never look back

— The End —