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colorfulSmoke Sep 11
In night’s black expanse I envy the moon while it sits.
Jenga blocks on the window sill, joy neatly stacked.
Jumping through pane scatters joy to the ground.

Wet sand finds my feet falling,
as suffocating jellyfish plead the tide to drown them.
They, like my feet, miss drowning.
The tide of despair numbs my head,
leaving shock waves in my toes.

Wetly embraced by sea, air bubbles trace my appendages,
curious to see how silly jellyfish must find drowning.

They glow down here and die in water pulses already drowned,
to become jellified moons in a sodium-filled coffin.

Jenga blocks wish  to stack me back on the moon
but I seep in silent raptures with gelatin halos of deadly splendor.
Death Moons at the bottom of existence,
too deep to envy.

Sea smiles stretch my face skin, while wooden frowns sink.
I look up to the moon, I glow with envy,
as drowning takes its seat.
Poetress2 Apr 22
The Boxed Jellyfish,
is the deadliest creature,
on this whole planet.
Gale L Mccoy Mar 3
hollow me out like a jellyfish
remove my spine-heart-brain
so serine in these
celestial waters
Fiona Feb 28
Washed up like a snack bag
The tide betrayed you

Your glassy film wobbles
A poached egg under-cooked

Mostly the water's kind
But sometimes you're left behind

And with no brain to steer
You're at its mercy

My dear
uselace Jan 29
Floating freely by
Luminous glow surrounding
A tentacled moon
Jellyfish are beautifully deadly.
so there I saw,
in this group of a society
hell-bound on publicity
this young maiden, a year or so younger
Ill be honest I took a liking to her.
And we newly admitted members of this musical cult,
were placed upon the podium to present our next approach
I tried my best to project a good impression
On her and others,
on her most of all.
And I came prepared, freshly dressed,
a make-do cologne,
generously lent by a friend
to hide that hideous musk of cigarettes id spent smoking
Id say I handled things well.
With the meeting adjourned,
we all went our own ways,
surely, we'll cross paths again.
alas, a week or two later,
they gave us a duty, placing us together
and while I knew it was a task for one,
id take my chance to get her input,
work with her,
so the next time we meet,
we may converse abit more.
Was it my shyness,
a hesitation to not go out of bounds,
or just a mechanism developed from past failures,
that I made sure to stay professional.
And ive just got this wierd feeling in my chest,
and i cant tell it from one or the other,
but I guess Ive taken more than a liking
So I pause,
considering perhaps knowing more,
and so I use the magical bits in my pocket
to show me what she had shown herself to be
awaiting disappointment,
I think im more than happy,
I should be glad
i think my liking grows,
I found she writes, she sings
oh..she writes
this beautiful combination of words
molding the environment to her needs
projecting it how she likes
and that just hits...
but with each discovery my chances just...
And i painfully strangle my interest,
dimming that spark in the chest
controlling my dreams, or thoughts
whatever they may be
I know i may be reaching for a branch
higher than I can jump
and I know, the more I know
the more it grows
I think its just been too long since ive felt this way
I may as well be experiencing,
more than a feeling
but I feel as though im only craving
its just a feeling, it'll go away
atleast thats what they all say
My sister once told me
There was an immortal jellyfish
Turritopsis dohrnii,
Its Latin name if I recall it correctly.
They revert back to their polyp stage.
Their lives beginning all over
I often think to myself
Wouldn’t that be nice
To have the power of the jellyfish

A new life from beginning to end

To have learned from my past
To make it all last
To start anew
To let go grudges, and try something new
To jump off a plane
To go to the show
To date a boy, I barely know
To a spontaneous trip to the coast
To  say goodbye to who I loved most
To make mistakes I never did
Knowing that I could start again.
Hg Jun 2018
you can find a jellyfish
swimming inside a screen
she posts at least one pic per day
just so she can be seen

she stings a lot of hearts
stunning them with electric feels
she rises up in likes
with the more skin that she reveals 

this jellyfish really shouldn't 
focus so much on beauty
she's quite adept artistically
and kills at call of duty

if you would dive the deepest depths  
beneath her chilly waters 
you'd see she's vast as seven seas
and just as full of monsters

but you confine this jellyfish
behind a piece of glass
telling her she's only liked
if she will show her ***

this instagram aquarium 
is full of jellyfish
trying to feel the love 
their parents hardly ever give

social waves have pushed us all
to wash up on the shore
got us hooked to think our looks 
have got to be adored

take your phone and put it down
who cares you're at the beach 
close your eyes, open your mind
and feel the ocean breeze
so long winded
replied the truth

who goes there
she has my mind
never mind
she was
she thought was truth

who was we talking to
we're we talk on
did you rcognize my voice
who are you
i am the writer
where did the poet go
get away from me
you get away
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