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Lawrence Hall

                            Mysteriou­s Jellyfish Gathering

                        “Honey, did you pack the seascreen?”

That jellyfish gathering is no mystery
Like everyone they want to go to the beach
To play in the water, soak up some rays
Picnic, show off, buy some souvenir mugs

They caution each other about the humans
How bipeds are toxic to the slightest touch
They gaze deeply at the sand beyond the surf
And talk about the mysteries of the air

They brush the sand out of the children’s tentacles
At sunset, before packing up and going home

Mysterious jellyfish gathering grows in Rhode Island ponds | Centre Daily Times
A poem is itself.
Khoi Apr 8
So deep
rips through
the deep
don't stop
drown me in your
please **** me
Sometimes looks can ****
Wibble Wobble Jellyfish, upon the sand an opaque dish.
With spokes so fine, it brings to mind the iris of an eye.
Or a precious gem, with a scalloped hem, catching the evening sun.

The receding tide it could not ride, it settled one last time.
It’s beauty as it lies still,  is all apparent and without thrill.
The Medusas' movement quenched, without it's soupy brine.

Above the grains of a sandy shore, it’s year of life is now no more.
How does it feel to dry so slow. Is there pain I'd like to know.
It's pulsing movement’s at its best, are over, it has comes to rest.

Will it be aware, on the turn of the tide, it's form will take its last ride.
It's billowing cloak and slick design shall not flutter another time
Lions mane so long you say, for another year you flow away.
Inspired by a beautiful Jellyfish I saw on a beach walk.
He floats, adrift over wine-dark depths,
Veins of denial and luciferin,
Dressed in silk ribbons, deceptive in their innocence,
The discarded robe of a fallen monarch.

He glides, elusive, over nothing, solitary in his rule,
Unmoored and untouchable, even to a hand offering solace,
For fear that this same hand may tether him to an unsavory reality.
Lying to himself, the king of falsity and bioluminescence.
Erian Rose Nov 2019
I see you in the sky
Like jellyfish see
The ocean's shining dew.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
The Boxed Jellyfish,
is the deadliest creature,
on this whole planet.
Gale L Mccoy Mar 2019
hollow me out like a jellyfish
remove my spine-heart-brain
so serine in these
celestial waters
uselace Jan 2019
Floating freely by
Luminous glow surrounding
A tentacled moon
Jellyfish are beautifully deadly.
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