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Michael Opoku Feb 11
Frustrations mixed with delusions of grandeur, sipping on CrynChronic, at least Tails had Sonic. what good is a view if it’s covered in fog, haha look at the *** on the log. Oops it’s a mirror, no Alexa five more minutes, once my eyes open the anxiety starts, the peace departs, the draining begins, I’m losing my wind.

Glass #2 is a trip I want to cancel, no insurance so it takes its toll. I want to buy make up stock so credit it is. The interest is high so I bet on my feelings. District 13 odds but we came from the ground, shh not a sound, keep the tension inside. They say the greatest earthquakes come from the littlest lies. Remember the fruit! Every misstep is a big step, every bad course is a crash course, every tall tale is an exhale. Grow Up. I learn from the lessons but feed my depression, no free lunch, please charge my aggression. Insufficient funds when I withdraw my resentment. Look at the time it’s a quarter past regret, I hear they spit in your drink here. Another excuse to tighten the noose. Glass half full, no waiter thanks, I’m not thirsty.
divinity m Dec 2018
earthquakes have nothing on me
as my shaking body shivers
trying to ignite some form of warmth
to fill my empty bones.
However my mind will extinguish
any flame that starts
for i have worked too hard
and too long
to be stuffed full like a plush toy
Uta Jun 2018
Do not laugh and mock nature of how it is,

for it can bring disaster whenever it wants and how it wants,

from volcanic eruptions to tsunamis,

we are nothing compared to it.

Our weapons today won't stop avalanches and earthquakes,

nature is far more powerful and stronger then us then we think.

Of course, there are people that know this,

but some may think that humans,

are stronger than nature.

In what way really?

As I see it if nature makes up her mind she could swallow us all at once if she decides to do it right this instant.

But she won't, know why?

Because nature is fair and knows how to control herself,

but humans aren't so we only know one thing,

and that is,

Comment and tell me what you think!
Vinyldarling May 2018
they say it's hard to let go
but watch
as my fingertips
unlatch from the side of the rock
and fall into the pit.

to be by myself
to rely solely on myself
because you
and the rest of the world
is incapable of taking care of a soul
that creates earthquakes
starts floods
rattles the trees with a strong and intense breeze

these are things you'll never understand about me
because you didn't want to let me in.
but maybe it's better this way.
from the beginning of April.
Mark Lecuona Sep 2017
water falls burning; rivers
boiling; oceans churning;
it’s never love that is wrong
if we remember how we
walked next to hand-carved
banisters; we picked them out
together; the storm won’t care;
the angels said it doesn’t matter

but it does; rebuilding a house,
it’s not home until our memories
decide to join us; can our tears
carve a new path so they can
make their way to us; can they
give thanks to the prayer that
saved our souls because all we
prayed for was to smile again?

a sea song echoing inside of
conch shells; enough to risk
singing it again alone on a still
beach; shadowed by the surge
of seabirds fleeing; their wings
promising their return as does
the melody inside the fear that
knows what it has done

when I saw you wander in without
a thought of the future; it is our
humanity crossing borders and
oceans that transported the divide
we felt when the sky was blue and
the tide was tame; and now when
it is God that tests us I reach for the
love from you that we cannot invent
cait-cait Apr 2017
The earthquakes are scary
They are weird and red.
They try to pull
down the people from
bed. the people
are crying they
are trying to run.
They wanted
to fly and
the Sun.
I DIDNT WRITE THIS!! today i volunteered in my aunts class of 4th graders and a student wrote this for me. her name is Anna and she's russian. My only edits were to her grammar.
The wind rushes through small places,
and the trees do not break when they are like the wind also,
sweet the peace that kisses the moon,
right back to the earth her light silver freely caresses the water and in the month of march i see,
such deep longing and the longing is also free.
I dreamed i saw the birds all left and flew away
and the bees they kissed
and died and when i found my key to life i found also the lies. People sit with teachers who tell they all kinds of truth but the real learning in the schools comes from knowing its all untruth, little glimmers of hope offer more dependancy and less might, it is like the starving of a child in the bright scorched out desert at night,
they die ,
we die over
and over as witness.
Flowers do not weep they simply grow more when they are ignored,
and sun rays dance upon waters when no one is looking ,
they are never bored.
I'd like to show you the magic times and sing to you at night , so we maybe can have some freedom in a world that seems to blight,
blight the sensitive,
flight the kind and blight the wild and open minds.
I had a radio once but when i tuned it in nothing came only angry voices,
now it plays sweet music all through the evening
it is like a soft deeply spoken mother humming inside a little box.
Sparkling days remind me of earth shattering quakes glassing ,
cracking ,
twisting concrete.
But I am not afraid to die,
only how it may happen .
I wonder where little Nino goes now ,
a wandering through Falerone groves,
Olive leaves glistening in the springtime air
and Franky all alone.
Valentine will you wait for me
I promise to bring back your Son
But when he returns he will be a man now.
All handsome and wild like heather and wind.
His curls shining in the sun.
The sun
it is kind to the fair ones,
it burns so sweetly and mild
it warms the skin
and fills the eyes with images
and sea pines
and rolling stories on waves from the Adriatic .
Oh i shall not forget three Italia
the sea
the mountain walks
and Familia
who taught me so much
England is beautiful in its own right
but there are rows and rows of horrible Terrace houses
I never want to mention it.
It makes me want to run,
run to the trees in Fonte Morello
taste the waters
and breathe.
~Poet Ella May
Sweet is the peace that touches me to you
that look that pierces my soul
as health is in me divining
and your face is white in winter as milk fresh in the air falling
I hear the voice of the wild again
bleak bellowing clouds forming over the fell
here in the north
It speaks of wisdom
but does not know it
Italy my sweet mother
you are breaking your heart
wreaked by the cracking sounds beneath us
we left for the movement of you
emotions rocking here and there
talk to her sister gently and she can calm down a bit '.
Bright lights in my eyes flicker and flit,
the snow,
dogs barking in the bitter cold night,
as though they see but they do not
blind ,
the stars,
they do not see,
tortellini and the drops of tears ,
dead cats,
desires in jars,
and dead ends in the system,
Porca Madonna!
Right now let's treasure
in England and see
mirrors shattered and made up again with flour and water
and we saw so much in the ice cracked puddles
skies racing over the heavens
and we danced in it already
Sweet Is the Peace
I say to you dear
Sweet is the peace that runs free in all things
That's when I saw it
right there in your eye,
hand in hand,
that big brass Munich band,
the lamp stand,
moorland walks ,
night talks while all else are sleeping.
Pass through the kissing gate .
I am waiting.
That's the beauty of this life.
~ Poet Ella May
I hear the voice of the wild again
bleak bellowing clouds forming over the fell
here in the north
It speaks of wisdom
i always said i'd fight to the end for you,
that i would risk it all just to be at your side.
i'd help you achieve anything you wanted to do,
and that in me, you could always confide.
but every time something seems steady,
the ground starts to shake.
when the earth starts to split, i'm never ready
all i do is give, and all you do is take.
one minute you're attached to my hip,
the next i'm lucky if i even hear from you.
you've got me by the lip
and i'm at a loss, i don't know what to do.
i can't take this constant turbulence,
all i want is to know that we're okay.
your silence is merciless,
and fills me to the brim with dismay.
do you want me? do you not?
i wish you'd miss me.
i was everything you wanted, i thought.
is that suddenly not what you want it to be?
i clutch my head, trying to make some sense
but reality seems to run even further away.
all of the muscles in my body start to tense,
and the skies turn to a dismal gray.
Miguel Soliman Jan 2016
You don't get to choose who you fall in love with, she says. For most, this isn't true. Millions of people know who they want to end up with for the rest of their lives. They want someone who would love them beyond what one is capable of. Someone who will tell them they mean the whole world for them. Someone who would take the risk, catch and fall. A lot of people make definite images about who they plan on falling in love with.

I didn't.

I agreed with what you whispered that night while we were on our phones, waiting to see who gets knocked out of their senses and fall soundly asleep first. I thought of it over and over and heck, it made sense. I was out of your preferences. You were too good to be mine. Yet you were madly in love with me and I was madly in love with you—

But then, why would I be surprised? You eventually left.

You came in like an earthquake, shaking my thoughts and mixing my feelings with what I stand for and I was left in a horrendous state—too damaged to ever be fixed. A passing moment you were, but what devastation you have caused. I guess, you really don't get to choose who you fall in love with. Because no matter how seemingly perfect our love was for each other, left I was with nothing but a ***** right in my heart.


I once learned that Love Waves were the most destructive surface waves ever to occur, I said.

Maybe there's a reason it was named liked that, I thought seconds after as you turned back and walked away.
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