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SA Szumloz Apr 2020
Green walls, purple bed sheets
Symbols of personal peace
A white desk, a bookshelf
Things that define myself
Curling mousse, a ***** hairbrush
Possessions that make me blush
My bedroom is my sanctuary
A place that blocks off the scary
Monsters in my life.
Nigdaw Feb 2020
I see
the impermanence of it all
the stuff we can't take with us
that we hoard
in second hand shops
car boot sales
charity shop windows
end of childhood
end of relationships
end of fashion
the end of lives
set out for a new generation
to claim ownership of
who will buy my memories
when I'm gone
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I throw comments to the wind
Ignorance keeps them afloat
I no longer take to heart
******* gliding from your throat

Your words grow weak
They wear thin
Confidence becoming strong
Don the realization that
Your home is where we don't belong

Insults get scattered like leaves
Falling from bare branches
Thoughts flow from your mind
Never-ending negative avalanches

Ashes I have been buried under
Remains of each mistake
Not charred hiding places but a jail
Out which I must break

Gotta keep from accumulating
Passive movements difficult to avoid
Hit walls hardest speeding fast
Crash like earthbound asteroids

It's great you are switching directions
Patterns easy to accurately predict
Always fair-weathered
Around us come unhitched

You loved us once..
Has that gone?
Distracted by vultures' dying food
Carcasses of gossip they feed on
Believing tails they allude

We are doing good
We are just fine
Have a job and a roof overhead
Everybody underestimates what we can do
By 30 we'll probably be dead

I anticipated this thoughts arrival
It still doesn't feel quite real
Stuff packed in bags and boxes
Across the porch surreal

We'll take pride and possessions
Say farewell spread with awkward "ums"
Mumbling how one day soon
We will spend some time that never comes
Taking a break from the challenge
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Muddy memory

Blood, sweat and tears, in exchange for notes.
Improve your situation, or have a smoke.
Try to relax your bad back at home.
Yesterday is already lost to ‘where did it all go?’

I lost the whole week and all I feel is weak.
Making money; got to fill this *** with honey.
Got to strive, staying alive!  Got to thrive.
Trying hard to buy a life.

Bought and sold is all I owned.
All is worthless when I am unknown.
Hundred films I am yet to watch.
I have no idea of the price of this priceless watch.

Nine Inch Nails engraved upon my wrist.
Suffering is the purest bliss.
Misery is right here with me,
Holding me tightly, suffocating me endlessly.
Oh how I love the misery.
It gives me focus, hocus, pocus, alakazam!
Breathing fire in a mystery van.
Cruising along to Dead Crows songs,
Along the road which just goes on and on and on and on...

Into darkness, seeking the freeway.
Loved to rock since back in the day.
Grew up with a guitar in my head,
Now I walk with The Walking Dead.
Station is stuck in a rut,
Driving on through puddles of mud.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
You took our things
And boxed them up
Put them away
Into the dark
At least when they're hidden
You'll have a chance to forget about us
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Never met someone like you before

I never claimed to be perfect;
I only claimed this was worth it
And if we didn’t do it, then tell me who did?
My silver bullet Princess, my darkest dream,
You make me feel complete.

A shot through my heart and hello or goodbye.
We will not be finished by this sunlight,
For we will continue to search, maybe in vein,
For love eternal; eternally loves slave.

If the skies keep on falling down on me,
Then how am I supposed to live, not grieve?
I am living at the end of tomorrow,
Too fearful of new beginning’s.

All I am selling is worthless to your soul
And in the end we end up with what we began with long ago.
The things on this Earth we gather to our hearts,
In time become worthless when compared to the stars
And all we cherish only to become lost,
We wish to keep, or take back, but are unwilling to pay the cost.

At my weakest point, still I reach for your love.
If we never did meet, then would we ever have known trust?
I trust in you because love dares me to;
I risk it all on the roll of a chance dice,
Hoping your hand will carry me through.

It’s our differences that define us,
So let our similarities forever bind us.
Two hearts beating as one;
An endless love built on trust.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
Parents – They mess you up

Choices – let me make them.
All your voices I can only condemn.
Knowledge is wasted on your youth,
When all you tell me is what to do.

Choices – I choose to ignore,
All your advice because I listened before.
All I now own are things I hate;
All those choices I wanted to make,
But you corrupted my every independent thought
And all those things I bought for me were yours.

Choices – do parents ever let up?
All those opinions masked as love
And yeah it may all be from a good place,
But now every single miserable day I have to see my miserable face,
In the cheapest looking mirror known to man
And stockpiles of soap for one face and two hands.

Oh my God!  They know not what they do!
These people I love have not got a clue!
Give me a choice and hear my voice,
My will a tortoise unwilling to move in case of upset,
But please, oh please, get out of my head
And replace the terrible bed you advised me to buy.
I hate it so much I just want to cry!
I have to sleep on the sofa now,
Because on that stone I can no longer lie.

So hear my truth, I do love you,
But if hate your choices for what I should do
And all the extra bits of food which I do not need!
Please!  Stop giving it all to me!
It all just goes straight in the bin,
Because I never asked for this!
Why the Hell do you think I have a shopping list?

I hate the way you are so bothered about money.
Let me enjoy it, it could be funny,
To do something fun and waste cash on that.
How the Hell would I know?  You never gave me a chance.

I’m sick of working hard to make my money,
Just to have you spend it for me.
I’m sure there are other things I hate,
But it’s getting late, so I will sleep in the bed I made…

Not the one you made me buy.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
sunprincess Jul 2018
How am I suppose to swim this mighty sea?

All my possessions have become an anchor,
an anchor of immense weight
Keeping me in this small vicinity

This territory known by the great white
and every sea creature
Will they come when hungry to visit me?

Lord knows I don't wish to be their next meal
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