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KG May 28
Initiation with a siren
Your thoughts are no longer your own
Weighted petrichol on grounds
That could never appreciate it
Who are you then
To influence the dreams of others, when
Yours are held by a nightstand
That never touches ground.
  May 3 KG
B E Cults
the outside world is eldritch,
inside the crib is meanwhile...
meanwhile, inside the crib
I'm hellbent on using the
downtime to drift
through the ceiling.

pulling teeth out of the maw
of an almost perfect night,
I'm getting lost in
talking about my allergies.

ceiling still solid.
KG May 3
Tech tonics and honesty following repeated offerings to beings I don't think, think that I belong anymore.
Not that it bothers me I'm used to feeding apologies to cretins who'd like to think they walk on water
I dropped the scene along with anyone I met that shed a tear or was met with fear at the thought of me in harm I think
I can't love again
And what's worse is that you couldn't care less
I'm not a monster, but you treated me just like the ones in your head, yet I told you things to doubt when you never should've
You had no business saying you loved me in the first
I fell after, I can't handle my emotions, thoughts, I've lost my confidence and I don't care enough to get it back.
Your now engaged to a guy you introduced me to. *******.
I wish I could even hate you, but I only hate myself. WHY.
I wish for death, or destruction, or cataclysm, or flood, or plague
I'm an empty vessel, ready to become
Fuckyoukatrinacarreckandlukemadridihopeyourplanssucceedandeverythingworksoutsointheendyoubothrealizeyourjustaphaseandkillyourselvesforalltheheartachetimeandtraumayouvecausedme. Sincerely gofuckyourselvestodeath.
KG Dec 2021
If I'm being honest amongst the lawless
Not to gain a measure of respect
But to lessen this burden of depression
A lesson to those who accept the charity
To those who don't, I require
A small measure of respect
Just bear with me.
I am no thing.
If I am what I am treated like
A parasite is what I'd be.
A leech so delighted it's death marked
drowning in ****** squeals.
A pun on the current state of affairs
Asinine and obtuse
I am a STONE
The same stone cast first is being cast at me
I'll still be laughing.
So why am I no longer laughing now.
KG Oct 2021
Just in case, new sorrows bother me far from seing myself be me again but I'll save face
Painting the door red *** orange sunsets on the flanges locking poor binge watchers lore friend roll dice across the lives dangle on the porches
No sense in portly bored men loose last nights lunch launched upon the confidant smiley subordinate freckles change places with the spittle. Reminds me to riddle you this question riddled rediculous by forethought rampant in its rending the positive outcomes floundering to even sprout. So much doubt now.
KG Oct 2021
****, this
Obsolete gravity
Ghost link
Revisited, oh
The tide held back, every
Change made too
Late. At night
Intrinsic rain beats and spatters with
With the numbness she said she carried.
Fate! Sadistic insight melds into fruit.
Escape and evacuate those ruined parts of your soul, collapse the wreckage and clean the parts that you were shown.
For now, though
I should
Just float.
KG Oct 2021
"To let go would not be so bad"
Said the spider to the snake precariously positioned atop the overpass
Busy lights towing dragons sped dizzily below
"Just think! You're body will feed my kin a generation!"
The snake gulped, a quakey sight to be seen, then leaped from his captors web
Into the claws of the raven.
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