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stop, she cried
as i broke it in my hand
why me, she asked
when i have the rest of our lives planned?

i cant help it, my reply
as i watch you fall through my grasp
i love you, i sob
my voice coming out barely a rasp

if only it were that easy
if it were punishable like a crime
take me to the gallows
as the church bells chime

if it were looked down upon in society
instead of treated like an art
i bet there would be a lot less of it then
breaking a young woman's heart
i woke up at five today
just to watch the sun rise
i walked the deserted streets
smelt the bakery's morning pies.
the colors shifted overhead
a fusion of honey and rose
i didn't worry about hair or makeup
didn't even change out of bed clothes.
it was a sacred time
a moment for me, and me alone
to walk in silence and feel at peace
moving headfirst into the unknown.
vanessa marie Apr 13
flashing lights in the front window
the crack of the old garage door
the smell of grease and a smile
after 14 hour days and wanting more

kiss n ride drop offs
and homemade baked goods on the counter
the smell of her perfume
and floating sounds of singing all around her

the house sits in darkness
wondering where it’s family went
where are the smiles, it’s asks
where are the children, where is their time spent?

And I’d take the good with the bad now
If it just meant I got to be young again
The arguments would mean nothing  
If it meant I got to go back to then
vanessa marie Apr 12
i went to the market today
i bought myself a fresh bundle
not of your favourites, but of mine
of yellow and blue with green stems

tonight i will fill the mason jar fresh
with water and petals floating alongside
and i will watch as the petals drop
one by one i save them, dried

tomorrow i will go to the market
i will walk to the water and smile
i will skip rocks on the shore
and watch the waves soak the stones

i will keep those petals in a jar
those of green and yellow and blue
i will remember their place in my jar
i will always remember you
vanessa marie Feb 28
The streetlights shine through my warped glass panes
Spraying shapes for me to watch in vain
I wonder if after 50 years
Anyone will even remember my name
The cars whizz by at dangerous speeds
I lose sense of time and neglect my body's needs
Feeling myself whither away and unable to stop it
My life's coming to a crashing halt while theirs proceeds
I have never felt this alone before
I keep waiting and hoping for something more
But nobody can come save me from myself
As far as I'm concerned I'm done for
vanessa marie Feb 20
im addicted to you
to your laugh and your smiles
your "i havent seen you around in a while" 's
and i've made most of it up in my mind anyway
i romanticize the little things
like your bedroom and the way your t shirt clings
i can see our future so clearly its scary
its not happily ever after by any means
but its enough for now
its enough for us in our teens
vanessa marie Apr 2020
they are shells of people
counterfeit families on display
they are strangers with names and faces i know
asking questions no one can answer
why do they torture themselves with the unknowns
ignoring the life they claim to live

that's human nature
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