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Andromeda Mar 2018
I missed  the sight of the stars in your eyes
Seeing the night swirl within your irises
Only to drown beyond your pupils.My heart races as the night stares me back

I missed you
I missed your glares
And the comforts they would bring
I missed your midnight gleam
Starring into me
Reaching into me
Playing with my heartstrings
And making a beautiful song of me
(Oh how the stars danced to those tunes)

I, a love struck stargazer,
Am trapped by a midnight's glare starring back at me
Trapped by the fires burning light-years away
Gently simmering before our lips touch at last

I missed the sight of the stars
And the comfort it would bring
But  the night has passed and is now a distant memory
Andromeda Feb 2018
Yesterday, I chased the stars
And what a miracle it was

Waltzing through the twilight
To the glimmer of distant stardust
And the song that wailed
From a heart I thought was dead

You chased the stars too
Hand in hand, we raced through a crystal night
With the dying winter's sun setting behind us
For a moment there, we remembered what innocence tasted like

And so we raced away
Deeper into the night
Excited for the brilliant summer days that awaited us
Andromeda Jan 2018
Just send me away to sleep
To dream an empty dream
And sleep an empty sleep
No matter what awaits me on the other side,
It can't be worse than memories ringing in my ear
Familiar sights slipping out of my grasp
And replaced with the nightmare of my past
The ache of my whithering body ringing ripping every tendon
Ringing through every bone
I want to turn away from my mistakes
Run away from those who left me
Turn away from their mental glare

I just want it to end for a bit
I just want to sleep
Andromeda Nov 2017
And it was with one fatal glare
From gleaming rings of emerald
That a lost soul found himself again
Written a year ago. Yet, it seems like a lifetime ago
Andromeda Sep 2017
Shifting, her eyes somehow darted around my glare
Escaping the chaos whirling trapped within my irises

Sifting, her passion leaked from the holes in her heart
And through the cuts life had left behind

Bellowed, my heart did
Piercing through her fleeting stares
Like a lonely siren echoing through a broken city night

I had to let her go
Or the chaos would consume her too
Andromeda Aug 2017
Walking alone, an hour after midnight
Was the first time I heard my world go quiet
The first time I
As I watched the planets go by
Under the moonless sky of July

Only the deep rumbled scattered through the silence of the night
As if the world I walked through mumbled drowsily as it slept
Or perhaps, it was the 1 o'clock train mowing across the night's horizon
No matter
The night's dreams offered a flurry of lights and sights
As the stars danced

I never knew that this world
A world I struggle to live in
One stricken by grief
Could be so silent while asleep
That my broken realm could be at peace
As I skimmed deeper beyond midnight
I finally understood how even while shrouded in gloom
Even with the dimmest of glimmer lighting the way
I can still be at peace
Getting better
Andromeda Jul 2017
In pieces, she ran
With only gloom by her side
Left lost, she wandered
Safe journey, 127
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