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jacob charles Jun 30
She's weird, different. She can make more with less. She can be more focused on the finer detail. More enveloped in the abstract. She is more involved in being involved. She is more with you when she's with you. The shadow to your light. The inverse thought. The reflected passion. The parts belonging to each side attracted and finally meeting. Two created. Two in their own path unaware. Two-who's path intertwined in a beautiful thing of many flavors- one being a flavor. Senses and beauty and to make it real- love.
leah snyder Oct 2018
no birds.
no wispy feathers high in the sky.
only layered smudges of ashen clouds
with hints of deep cyan
as far as the eye can see,
the only pure light
sourced from the few rays of sunshine
filtering through,
setting the world on fire.

free verse
leah snyder Oct 2018
outer space.
a vast expanse of nothing,
yet everything.
reminiscent of my mind.
full of thoughts, full of worry,
but numb at the same time.

free verse
leah snyder Oct 2018
laying on my back
in that field,
the unending expanse so close
to my touch.
i reach up
and attempt to graze a star
with my fingertip,
but instead only emptiness
reaches me,
the cool nighttime air
swirling around my hand.
my arm lowers to my side again
and my sight flows
over the stars,
like scattered moondust
in the inky sky.
as they twinkle their way
into my soul,
into my being,
i notice
a solitary wisp of cloud
lingering before the moon,
dulling its details
but never its glow.
crickets chirp around me,
fireflies blink
and fade in and out of view,
dancing just above the grass.
the air is damp
and i am vaguely aware
of the water droplets
seeping through my blanket
and into my clothes.
i swear
i can almost see the lines
connecting each star
to form constellations.
i sigh,
stand up,
roll my blanket,
and make a promise to the night.

i will return.

free verse
leah snyder Oct 2018
the hot smoke in my stomach flowing warm
my deadly sharpened teeth glistening white
made for tearing through those who wish to harm
all that surrounds me bathed in clear moonlight
the click of my claws on the stony ground
the feeling of my wings beating heavy
the deep rumble in my chest as i growl
how my scales outshine those that surround me
i spit acid at their feet, a warning
i tear claws at their face when they ignore
the stars above me fading with morning
as i leap off the rock and start to soar
i am a dragon, my power is vast
my soul ignited with flames of the past.

one of my older ones. not great, but i thought i'd post it anyway

leah snyder Oct 2018
a twig snaps beneath my shoe,
the sudden sound shattering the calm atmosphere.
sunlight dapples over my skin,
rippling across my clothes,
pooling in my cupped hands
as if i were holding it.
delicate leaves rustle overhead,
my attention to the emerald glow above only broken
by the hum of a bumblebee
buzzing its way to yet another flower.
trees, seemingly protective,
surround me,
their trunks a shelter for such a variety of creatures.
sweet birdsong echoes above.
a woodpecker taps a home somewhere to my left.
a chipmunk skitters across my path
and into the still ferns,
causing them to shudder.
the scent of soil, of leaves, of nature, floods me.
i wonder about the world,
about the mountains and about the sea.
about my friends, my family,
about strangers with lives
just as complex and unknowing as my own.
i ponder myself, my life,
where will i go?
what will i do?
will it all be worth it?

free verse
Gale L Mccoy Sep 2018
i. lips the color of nostalgia
a cute girl says
                   "i'm so drink, send hell"

ii. hollows that won't echo
signs point to the phrase
                     "your god is worn out"

iii. mimicry but only in shape
everything bright enough to burn
never keeps detail when eyes close
Nadia Apr 2018
When the place
gets too crowded
And the faces start to blend
They form yours
When there’s no one but my thoughts around
You become the devil in my details
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
As of now everything that comes to mind is apart from what was thought prior
Definitely even after a brief disturbance everything seems to be certain in life with the only exception of future, which remains uncertain.

As of now plans which were been made since long time are laid to rest
Planning takes a back seat as more and more facts get revealed with time that keeps on moving.

Initially what was thought as a possibility now needs to be explored in depth and in detail
Everything is kept on hold, since everything seems uncertain with regards to present and future.
Thoughts of what was planned earlier are kept on hold, since the need of hour is to take the right line of action
By doing so the the next step that needs to be taken can be thought upon and decided correctly and clearly.

Time now to decide upon the right line of action, since need of hour demands the same.
Extreme situations need extreme measures to be taken as facts cannot be ignored and truth will remain firm as it is in it’s place,
as it was prior.
Austin Bauer Oct 2016
White Converse shoes,
Pants pulled up like
You came straight
From the 50s.
McFly! McFly!
You were reading
The paper when
You got up to ask me
To borrow a chair.
After all, it was dark
Where you were sitting,
And it takes a healthy
Amount of natural light
To read the paper.
At least that's what you told me.  
Of course I obliged because  
It does make it easier
For me to write about you when
You're sitting right across
From me. Mr. Plaid Shirt with
A Pilot G-2 Gel Ballpoint Pen.
Maybe if you're lucky,
Your coffee won't be cold
By the time you read,
"Animal Cuisine, for Animals,"
Or, "This Sushi Waits for No One."
What does it say about me
That I would sit here
And describe you as you read?
I could interrupt you,
Asking you a few questions
To really get to know you.
I assume you're a kind person
Based on the laughter-lines
Surrounding your eyes;
Based on the way you smiled
At that young woman as
She walked by.
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