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LC Jun 2021
she studies his soft features
with furrowed eyebrows,
catching every detail
in the palm of her hand.
the palm lines show their story.
It's been a while :)
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
Don't let anyone
with bad eyebrows give you life
advice - it ends badly.

I don't mind seeing my ex with
someone else - I usually donate
unused things to the less fortunate.

I wonder how many
calories I burn jumping
to wrong conclusions.
calories, eyebrows and ex-boyfriends - the Jeopardy category is "Things we can use less of."
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Your brows
If you over preen
Will have to lean
On the likings of
A sharpie pen
In the color coffee bean
Then you will be
A vampire queen
Looking ever so mean
Don’t over-pluck! BLT word of the day preen.
Butterfly Aug 2019
Me: hahaah you should dye your eyebrows blue.[jokingly]
My gf: sure[serious]
Two days later..
gets picture of blue eyebrows
Jo Barber May 2018
Cheeks flush,
red lips purse.
Eyebrows, thick and singular,
draw upwards in shock,
scandalized by my very existence.

Born in love,
and yet out
of all else.
Steve Page Sep 2017
Broad eyebrows,
porcelain foundation,
pursed lips,
distain flying from painted digits,
resenting the imposed ****** proximity.

Then her eyes met her twin's
and both faces cracked wide in smiles and laughter,
her pose was momentarily forgotten,
as she was reunited once more with her tribe.
Adventures on a train.
Someone may look like me but that's
as far as it goes: no further, no less
my own DNA, biometric reading, oh! yes
A genetic fingerprint all of my own

My characteristics definitely home - grown
I wish I had thicker eyebrows, more
muscular body, more intelligence and
behave less oddly, but I think of the

good things and rely on others to tell
me what they are - not too many, I don't
really want to be a star, just me -
sort of reliable, sort of always there

I' m glad I have the time to stand and stare
you may think I'm odd - but there's only one me -
thank God!
Bethan Davies Apr 2016
I am a feminist.
Does that mean I'm the
radical relentless woman determined
to ruin the rule of the man?
Or am I the sweet, soft lass
striving to impress my sweetheart,
because we all know that ‘confidence is ****’?

I am a feminist.
Even though my friends have told me
“I’ve never felt unequal to men”
And the raging facebook comments
on the history of how women are inferior
and men cannot be *****.
Because their opinions cannot be right.

I am a feminist.
When I was 15 I thought I was wrong
for liking menswear, and still wearing skirts.
I was told that if you were assaulted
the culprit could never be caught
because their word speaks louder than yours.

I am a feminist.
When the UK statistics say
that nearly a quarter of men do not think consent is important
and thousands are sacked for just being pregnant.
We are bombarded
by the expectations of looking good
because now your eyebrows your greatest trait.
I performed this on my youtube channel if you want to check it out!
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