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Bhill Aug 28
Hello to you, and you and you, what can I do today
I see what you want, it's ghastly and gaunt, and I think you should just go away
What do you mean, you think that it's keen; it's awful and I can't abide
I think you should hurry, and please, please scurry, get out, your want is denied
We all have our views and yours made me choose, to ask you to leave me alone
I know you meant well, but I bid you farewell to move on to a better unknown

Brian Hill - 2019 # 219
Another attempt as this format. I like it because you can have fun with ideas, emotions and even beliefs...
Daniel Mar 6
How many times
did I try to hold back my heart
when it was clearly
craving for yours
to crave mine?

Seanathon Feb 28
To deny the curving turn of the earth
Is to deny your own subconscious depth
Your reasoning, wave and subtle worth
Johnny walker Jan 15
If God Exists It Is not I who will have to justify my existence to
It will be those who have corrupted our lives who have stolen cheated lied for their own greedy selfish
If God Exists It's those who have turned their backs and denied his existence, not I who have only questioned but not denied or forsaken him
Or shamed his name through despicable acts of cruelty killed In the name of religion as terrorist do I have only questioned his existence
If that be a crime then so be It, then I will prepare to answer at the end of my time
Questions I have  asked myself  over the years about God but never totally denied his existence
K Wolff Nov 2018
No stranger to temptation
Yet i find myself here -
This self destruction
Compells me beyond fear

Life's trappings cannot hold -
The fears of mortal souls,
Forced forward to an end
One will never suspend

So forth i will stride
Into paths indeterminate -
No longer denied
I will advance with morals forfeit
Daniel Ruiz Oct 2018
what a crazy life,
what an overwhelming and crazy life,
If people would have explained to me,
what this games was about from the start,
things would have gone differently,
What's this game about you ask?

haven't found the true meaning,
it's like wondering what's the meaning of life,
and sitting for hours wondering,
if dying for this,
and wasting time,
is all worth it.

And you see,
Street lights are very lit in my street tonight,
The funny thing about that sentence,
it's that i don't know what it means yet,
but deep down,
very deep down it's already implanted itself somewhere,
becoming meaningful, every second.

I've noticed the same thing happens,
with people, things, words, actions,
once they are implanted
there's no way back,
and they will become a part
of what WE will be in the future,
and of the few things, we will truly have before we die.

This petty game,
that's mostly being played
by people who don't even know
they are playing it,
It's all about happiness and being meaningful?

But how can we play a game about being happy,
when half the things that define us,
are the things that hurt us the more.

How can we play a game about being happy,
when we forget the happiest times
in our lives.

Just how can i try to be happy,
when happiness leaves my hands
as fast as i try to grasp it.

it's more than a game,
so this metaphor at the end of it all,
it ain't really good,

but when something
has been denied to you,
when deep down,
it feels like I've been
prohibited being happy,
Everything feels like a tabletop,
and i'm just the pawn.
Cowards: Men who kick a woman(esp. after he's the 1 that drug her down).  You'd never suspect
it's the men with a good reputation around town.  If they're true & through bad they don't fight only women but their fist are enough for anyone who angers them enough... he'll try to take anyone down.
BUT it's a pure yellow-bellied coward sort that doesn't have what it takes to stand up to another, not for himself much less any other.
Lowest **** of all cowards are the ones who kick her like she's
a dog when she's on the ground,
  standing up over her like a tall tower,
feeling proud with
If or when it's found out then she deserved it all. Oh yeah, without a doubt especially if she's already been down the abuse pattern route.    
When he kills her; appears justified because they say, she should have gotten out before she died.
But sure enough, it's a pure coward that'll kick
a woman & tell her that he should stomp her brain's out.  
     SCREAMING at her
     FORCING her to
answer his questions  when she's already too frightened to make a sound...
              knowing that no matter the answer she decides, it's just another excuse for him to slap her around, why? Because of course whatever answer will be
a lie,
I guess a coward must
be able to predict it's a
lie before any words
ever have to come out,
I guess she lied because she just wants to be slapped around.

Wait what's that sound?
  Oh it's death bells now
   they'll bury me in the
ground. Death is merely
peace that I've finally
   ~SacredInkedBlood ©2018
The day that coward finally puts me in the ground is the day that peace will have no bounds. Not goodbye, so don't cry, just goodnight until it's time for everyone to fly.
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