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All is still
my little
of ebb and
flow, I am
still, and
yet I float,
with those
the ether
that is
far yet
near, the
gentle on
my skin,
in the state
of being
& therefore,
FloydBrandon Feb 23
Do you know the Ragamuffin
Have you any mange
Worth his weight in traffic crashes
Mage of breakfast eggs

Static with a double edged
razor bladed sledgehammer
Magic if a psychopath had post-traumatic rash disorder

Charismatic flash hoarder
Dynamite snack breathing volatile glass jaw
Rats-fat ******* of an easy baked cave alchemist
subject to the laws of disintegration

Shrunk as a putrefied raisin
Grayer than petrified daisies
Tengo Dec 2019
you will thrive in your own cocoon—
legless arthropod wriggling out
of its leaved shell, crunching
on the stem of a marigold’s shrivel.
you crawl up the leaves like they’re
the steps of a winding staircase,
circling and circling to one day
step out of your cocoon.

you are your own skin—
a wing ripped in figure
eights of formative tearing.
at the bottom of a
wind-leaned green tower,
you are torn down as if starting all
over again, away from the pace of
a hundred other caterpillar’d creatures.

you are not quite a monarch butterfly,
not yet the zebra-patterned black and white,
but you bloom in the form of a familiar marigold, a daisy’d curve—
thriving as a flower, swaying and alive.
you must visit the filial leaves and trace
their veins gently.

soon you will thrive in your own cocoon;
as those plant’d seeds will
soon leave legless arthropods wriggling—
for how would a caterpillar’s cocoon wither
without your leaves crinkling beneath it?
beginning to love a change i initially hated.
sol Jun 2018
Friday June 22, 2018

You turned my hair into flowers
A metaphoric bound you gave them
They became beautiful flowers that you enjoyed watching them bloom
But when I saw them as roses with thorns that cut me
You insisted they were soft daisies that brought protection
And when i brought out the scissors to cut them,set them loose,
Your anger came as a storm hissing on how I could do such a thing
On how I could **** something so beautiful
I howled for their beauty is exactly why I cut them
For I would like a bouquet to fence around me
These thorny roses shall do, keeping others out
But you insisted once again that they were daisies
You insisted that they gave a blanket of protection upon my shoulders,
That the river of hair down my spine was all I needed to be beautiful
©sol /the poems i never wrote
Proctor Ehrling Nov 2019
Belltowers chariot signalling distance
Towering gallows where I've been sentenced
The iridescence of coming doom
Graveyard daisies are in bloom
Their season is unusually sober
They've been growing whole October
So I got high and the next morning found this in my notebook.
she remains anon Nov 2019
bring in your hands,
pain and broken daisies.
you cry; like nothing in my arms
grieve for flowers and unsung lullabies.
because you see the whole world as alive
never seen the devil and his harm,
while I live my life through maybes
you refuse to understand.
meant to be read as A, B, C, D, D, C, B, ***
Anastasia Jul 2019
When I die
I want
Roses to bloom
From beneath my grave
Violets and blue-bells
And emerald grass
Blooms in my memory
Is all that I ask
And Daffodils
And pink -petaled lilies
Ruby-like flowers
Amethyst strokes
Perhaps pearls
I'm my resting place
Would be lovely
Remember me
Anastasia Jun 2019
I remember last night
With a sunset sky
Baby blues and glimmering golds
I wanted to see you today
But I couldn't
Not really
I remember last night
When we talked until the streetlights turned on
When I put little white daisies in your hair
And you smiled for me
I wanted to do that tonight
But I couldn't
I remember last night
When we sat by the creek
And caught fireflies
Flickering in the dimming light
Like little neon stars
I wanted to do that tonight
But I couldn't
And it hurt
I just wish I could feel okay, right next to you
Jackie Mead Jun 2019
Daisies a flash of white in a field of green
One of the most beautiful sights you ever will see
The daisy spreads itself far and wide
Fastly covering the countryside
Butterflies and Bees hover by
You even attract the common fly
Strength in numbers, you grow and give;
Your nectar for other insects to live
The Daisies wanting nothing in return
They just ask you show some discern
As your child runs through the fields; making daisy chains
Ensure when they leave, some daisies remain
Had a little walk with my grandson Roman today and the park was full of daisies, buttercups and the canal had really small brightly coloured fish and dragonflies, which were bright blue. It was really energising to see, I wish I could post a picture for you.
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