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Nicole 2d
I have this tiny little secret
That I keep inside of me
Tucked and locked away
With no access to the key

Is this selfish of me?
To keep it hidden from the world
But I didn't want them to know
That my secret was destroying me overall

My mind was numb
My body needed a release
I was frustrated overall
With no clue how to please

I wanted to let it out
Scream with all my might
But my brain kept saying
"Just keep it one more night"

How do I survive this?
How do I fight
Maybe I should just let it go
Loose myself in blinding light.
Hey guys, so this poem is about people facing mental health problems. The secret refers to mental health issues someone is facing and keeping it inside themselves. I just want you all to know that you don't have to keep it inside of yourself just let it all out, If you need I am here for you and you can confide in me. Never let anything toxic stay inside your mind it's really dangerous so don't fret just let it all out.
Thank you :)
Nicole Jun 24
The wind is whirling around
But I am bound,
With no-one around,

The air is
trying to suffocate me
making me dizzy

Still I am searching
for air
to breathe.
Nicole Jun 11
The way
your dimples hold
I get tan
Just by looking at
Your smile
Nicole Jun 11
The way you bury
your face in my chest
out of shame
after every
long, violent
Nicole Jun 10
Seek me,
Oh, my love
I've waited ages for you
Now I can't wait more

Touch me,
Oh, my darling
For I've bared my soul
And your every touch makes me
Carve for more

Savour me,
Oh, my love
As my lips call your name
With hunger need and ache.

Take me,
Oh, my love
Wherever you wanna go,
I just wanna be with you
Forever and alone.
Nicole Jun 9
If only I knew
What my Heart was
Telling me

Don't know
What I'm feeling
Is this just a dream?

A dream
With just you and me
Nicole Jun 9
I caught a glimpse
Of you
In the twilight, baby
A pink and purple
Like the sky
And everybody was
Taking notice of you, girl
And you don't even know
You turn 'em on.
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