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Wynter Oct 2018
Confusion in life is normal.
Everyone has experienced the maw
Of life devouring our senses.
The beat and rhythm of fantasy
May come bittersweet in the end
Or may not come at all,
But what's important is to enjoy
Every aspect of life from
The spectrum of one's own death
To the graceful and yet elusive
Happy ending.
My poems here are not updated. Real life caught up. But everything is on my tumblr (darthkeso) and instagram (cheesuscheesus).
Alya Adzkia Sep 2018
do I love you or do I love the other version of you that I built on my delusion?

the appearance of yourself that I make up in bed before I go to sleep. who always does silly things just to see me laughing whatever mood I'm in.

the appearance of yourself that complete my boyfriend material expectations. well, maybe that's the reason why I don't enjoy watching romance movies. not just because they always talks about happily ever after that bores me, but also because those movies established my expectation on you become higher and higher.

so I treat you as well as I could because the other version of you treats me as if I'm the luckiest ******* the planet. but I still love you the same, tho.

— so darling,
I guess I'm in love with a fantasy.
I write with hearts.
Alya Adzkia Sep 2018
I never knew
that the sound of those raindrops
on my window
the scent of wet soil
after rain
the melodies of these songs
on my spotify playlist
could remind me of you

remind me of the sound of
your lovely laughter
remind me of the scent of
your sweet perfume
remind me of the sound of
your sleepy voice

— I never knew
that missing you
could be this tough.
tu me manques.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
of better things
of lovely things
of saddening things

of Him who I wondered
ever really loved me
or did it mean no more

of the life that was not mine
the life I left behind
the life I could not find

of something I do not deserve
yet yearn for
with no reserve

of things so harsh and deep
the ocean swallows me whole
and into quicksand I seep

of the life I thought I desired
of the life I was inspired
but never became reality

of better things
that became worser things
That became dangerous things

Of things I don't understand
Yet yearn for
What nonsense, I am.
WNG Jun 2016
A man, a movement,
Whose words stung like a Bee,
But had the masses floating to him,
When he spoke about peace,
He shook up the World like he said he would,
And twisted our perceptions of what it meant to be a true hero,
And for that we thank you.
Rest in peace and power, the great Muhammad Ali (1942 - 2016).
Akaash Patel Apr 2015
I guess I'll wait. I'm Sick of taking a risks with women that don't compare to you.
Maybe its too late, and trust me it makes me happy to know somebody is taking care of you.
I know I've made mistakes and at times I wasn't being fair to you.
I'm only human, I'll be your friend, you know I'm always here for you.
It's seems impossible , that one day you'll come back and we'll be something.
But I'll wait for you, even if that means I'm waiting for nothing.
Akaash Patel Apr 2015
There are no boundaries, so why do I feel like I'm boxed in?
You chose your path right? Hmm but who supplied your options?
Lets get this right. If someone presents you options in your life,
then already your path is manipulated.
So who simulated your decisions for where you are now situated?
Your friends and family speak but who's thoughts are
coming out of their mouth .
Is that something you've even thought about?
I dare you to describe me,
I'm sorry but the colour of my face and a place can't define me.
Nothing can surprise me, how much do we respect ourselves,
If how much money you make gives you a place in this society.
I guess we've never known anybody our whole life, because ever since you came out of your mother.
We've been getting moulded, corrupted and watched on by big brother.
Akaash Patel Apr 2015
You could have seen her complexion,
in the reflection of my eyes from a mile away.
Just like the sunrise, I sensed her light, as if she smiled with rays.
What a way to start the day, blinking years but it was timeless,
It was priceless, I was infirm, she produced a cure like a scientist.
Any part of her body can touch my skin and make me shiver.
To resist her, its like taking off your jacket in a Siberian winter.
Immortalised in pictures and scriptures we had written,
We ruled our land but with powerful questions are great answers that are hidden.
Akaash Patel Apr 2015
I don't want to hear a promise, unless it involves your happiness.
I just want you to promise me you'll be fine.
When you stand still, the world keeps moving.
So promise me you'll make the best out of your time.
I don't need to hear a promise, unless it involves your laugh.
Just promise me you'll build dreams, be free and make them last.

— The End —