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Nada Syafira Apr 7
The waves have sent me back
the dock wasn't steady it wrecked
as if my sun won't reach
the darkest corner of your thoughts
as if my daisies won't bloom
from your pulse so pale I assume
if tonight's a doom
and my gardens abloom
I'll never waste a single second to go wrong
for this moment lasts a lifelong
Nada Syafira Nov 2019
I'm falling deeply
into an endless emotional abyss.
Each stroke of your fingertips
deepens the sinking of my heart
Creating space through times
where all that we are,
is nothing but distance.
Nada Syafira Nov 2019
The time has come,
we're on the other side,
around and around we're
back at one

The beginning has come,
the untold, unknown
hand in hand we're
never going down

The end has come,
the clock's ticking around
we're waiting,
waiting for the sun to go down.
Nada Syafira Sep 2019
Fingers intertwined
Let me call you, mine
Of what's left from the past
Let us buried it all behind

Had I dreamt of days like this
Ones with the tenderest sun
One of the gentlest I can ponder on
Nothing less more's ahead,
You, what I may call
The truly one.
Nada Syafira Sep 2019
Some things are to be grateful for,
you're one of them.
Nada Syafira Dec 2018
I dream in lights
as i will not see your beaming smile
i dream in colours
as i will not see the eyes that drown me
for as long as you take those steps
and you're not walking towards me
i'll be forever dreaming
of you will be coming home
to me
Nada Syafira Nov 2018
I love you from the very bottom of my heart even on the days where we both do not feel like it, i love you even on the days where you think i don’t. I do.

I love you on all of the days when you’re feeling blue, where you can’t even find yourself within you. I love you on days where loving wasn’t seemed true. I’ve loved you on the days where my heart was set on curfew. I’ll love you, i will do, even if it’s the last thing i do.
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