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sol Oct 5

The pit in my stomach is engulfing itself
Twisting and turning
The music pounding in my ears reminds me to breathe
sol Oct 5
My lungs filled with helium
Endearing trying to escape
Trying to fly
But the heavy lump of my body wouldn’t let them
They jsut banged against my chest trying to escape
Trying to feel free
But the anchor that was my body wouldn’t let them
sol Jun 17
7:49 PM
Friday, September 28, 2018

The melting cinnamon framed your eyes
Honey slowly streamed down your cheeks
sol Jun 17
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

You were like snow
You looked so pure & clean
But when you touched me, you stung
You were ***** &  cold
Hard to breathe, hard to see
Black like coal
You were just like snow
sol Jun 17
5:28 PM
Sunday, June 24, 2018

She wears humility right across her chest
Loud and Bold it’s shown, screaming at people when they walk by
She wears humility  like a warrior wears their armor
She wears humility like the skin a snake sheds to show its colors
She wears humility like a lion wears his mane, with pride
She wears humility splattered across her chest for the world to see with dignity
sol Sep 2018

Why is life worth more than death? Why is life more important than death? Why have we deemed death so bad? Does it get its negative reputation because its unknown? Because it's different ? because it's not something we can dabble in? We value life and despise death but without death life could not be. We exist because of life & death. They are one not two. We are scared of death because we are unsure of it; time ,time is a concept created by us to a sense of organization a sense of control in our lives. We do this for the future, we work , we study, we save , all for the future. But when is the future? Will it ever come? When will this utopia of a future end? How will we know when this future has come? We live towards a future we work for a future , we believe we have time until the future. But what if the future never comes? The future is the biggest lie life tells. The future is nonexistent. The future will never come. And when we are in our deathbeds we regret not living because we were supposed to “live” in the future. But the future never arrived and death came too soon. We accuse death of ruining our lives but did we ever live? If we spent our time working for this lie of  a future we never got to live in the time we did have. We merely survived. Should we stop surviving and start living instead? Should we give up our focus on this utopia of a future?
From childhood we have been condition to live life for the future. As kids we start imagining , planning this wonderful future. But for many that future will never come. They would die before they got to really start living-
sol Jul 2018
6:09 PM
Wednesday june 20, 2018

There is unspoken beauty in rain
Others may see the mud, the humidity it brings
But i say isn't it beautiful how the rain washes away the sins of the earth,cleans it, purify it making it bearable for others
Along with it it brings rainbows of hope and the energy of growth, the electricity of change
The rain creates puddles as it softly kisses the pavement leaving its DNA  behind
The frogs come out to play and croak a song of joy
The leaves open up to the wet nectar the sky provides, absorbing it as it drops upon them
The rain brings with it a paddle of a lullaby it sings with the window accompanying it
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