circling overhead and
passing through thick clouds
and blue skies,
the shadows of flowers
overturn like a sun-dial
until the rain of agony
will intercept and
hasten on falling petals
and we will decide
to pick the day that
the blossoms of purity
will come to a diminishing

the crunch of the stem
will roll and twist
between the fore finger
and the thumb
and the baby’s head
will pop off and flail
through the winds of
enduring sadness and
carry their spirit away

the brokenhearted will pollinate
their unending sorrow and pain
onto those most virtuous and

their wrath will spread like floodwaters

they want others to feel the same
that they feel

they will hold onto their burdens
and impediments
like a security blanket

and pull the wings off angels like flies

the decay of emotions will wilt
like a dried up sunflower patch

their minds will be tormented into submission

their hearts will wither with misery and guilt

their happiness will dilute into black waters

their loneliness will be spent on the snails back

their speeches will be packed with pestilence

it will be easier to spit in the eye
than to cordially say hello

it will be easier to hurt, maim, kill
than to passionately love

flesh will ornament the streets
and the gutters will run with
the red rivers of the living and
the bones will be ground up
into powder and
false education will fulfill the
peaceful slumber of dreams
with violence and infamy
blood will splatter on the
decorative towels
murder will garnish
the thought process
the raving mad will defile
the wall of virgin souls
with phallic graffiti
cruelty will remain heavy under
the defenseless children’s eyes
all because we simply cannot be
decent to each other.

and it’s sad....
it’s sad enough
it’s happening,
it’s happening right now
and there are several
other ways to coincide
with one another
but we don’t, we just
take the easy disposition

and for what?

for power
for greed
for lust
for vengeance
for no serious reason

but in the dim light of everything
the sea levels will continue
to rise and fall
under the aesthetic moon

and the blazing sun will continue
to shine all over the cold tundra
of hatred from people.

can you remember
when you had that
natural innocence
before the erosion
of the world
stripped it away?
  1d nim
you said
you were afraid
to lose me
and then you
faced your fears
and left
  1d nim
Sometimes a poem
Will pop into your head
But other times you have kneed it out
Like a loaf of bread

For me my poems
Usually write themselves
And appear on the page
As if written by a team of elves

Some might be sad
Some might be happy
Occasionally they'll be good
Although a lot will be crappy

Some will have meaning
And may show my pain
Whereas others will be silly
And you'll think I'm insane

I might write about
Alcohol and narcotics
But it's more likely I'll pen
Something erotic

Some might shock you
I love a double entendre
But when I start
I don't even know the poems genre

I might leave the reader
With something to ponder
Why not stop reading this
And go for a wander
My poetry is all over the place
nim 1d
I don't care.
Your harsh words
Have cut too deep,
Your venomous tongue
Has gotten too far.
Your slim fingers
Will never again touch that skin.

I don't care.
Your trail of smell
Is stuck in this place,
But no more shall it stay;
Haven't you learnt?
Light blinds even the darkest.

I don't care.
Your smirk won't help you.
Your irony will become agony.
Because, don't you know?
When a precious person is tortured like this,
I can't hold back.

I don't care.
Don't you know?
A touch, a sword, rose petals in the air, blinding light; blood on the floor.
Don't you know?
I won't hold back.
She is far too precious.
I can't hold back.

And I don't care.
If my end is a new beginning for her,
So be it.

I don't care.
She's the reason.
I unleash my rage.
  1d nim
Katie Causey
your love runs dry
it always rains
you’re the reason
for my worst days
the blues I choose
the shades of gray
you paint the sky
on my darkest days
I hate you most
but I hate the way
you’re still the sun
on my perfect days
no need to get your hopes up.
eyes wide - mind closed up.
in the flesh (but u) ghost-up.
u only got my hopes up.

my emotions start to blow up -
watch out for the glo-up.
i didn't mean to get your hopes up..

she only cares if the dope's up -
until then insecurities stay up.
i'm surprised u ain't gave up -
u only get my hopes up.

loud & abrupt,
expecting a come-up,
but u need to come down.
how come i never see u around?
u like to play the role,
but can't wear the crown.
tell me,
how does your pedestal look
from the ground?

your mouth,
it moves -
your words,
no longer profound.
i just need to know
if u still want me around.
i'll always see u as lost -
never ready to be found.
i'm ready to be made new -
on the road to rebound.
02.12.18 • 4:30am
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