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Donna May 12
Missing my daughter
so much since lockdown so I
ordered her a hug

A soft heart cushion
so tiny so sweet , laced with
silver writing so

elegant like bright
stars in the night sky! just a
little hug to say

I love her and miss
her! Of course its not like a
real warm hug but for

now it will have to
do! Tis colour of daylight
Shines like the warm sun!

A loopy piece of
string attached , to hang it up
for my girl to see

Today she got it
through the post , made her smile , made
me smile too! Funny

how things have changed so
quickly , lockdowns hard , but health
and safety comes first!

Today sparkled sweet!
A hug through the post needed!
Raising spirits high!

Just to see her smile
Made my day all flowery
Love is wonderful ❤️❤️❤️
Made my day ***
Take care stay safe **
Xaela San Feb 20
I'm willing to walk a hundred more steps
Just to be with you even for a short moment
Just to spend a little moment alone with him.
Donna Jan 30
Yay I logged on..yay👍👍
Hello poetry must be
feeling much better!

Spoke to my daughter
today she’s seemed brighter , her
days up and down like

a yo-yo but more
uppy manageable days!
Being a mother

you just can’t help but
worry it’s called love 💕 Went to
the bank this morning

got there to early!!
Had to wait around for at
least half an hour!

Hey but that’s okay!
Caught up with my family
chat and had awesome

banter haha loved
it! You can’t let life make you
too serious you got

to laugh and smile and
be happy as much as you
can! Met my youngest

daughter , we had a
good chat then a latte..Yums 😊
Then home I went and

bumped into my
middle son , had another
latte! Where’s the toilet

urgent wee needed!
I love being a mum it’s
one of my best loves

of my life my heart
blossoms like big sunflower!
Back indoors I put

the dinner on! It’s
a beef stew and mash potatoes!
Then I heard the door

key and in walked my
husband smiling like always!
My heart still flutters

like a butterfly!🦋
Loving his kind eyes and his
wonderful smile 😊

Checked my email and
received confirmation! I
finally have a

job interview! I’m
over half a century old!
Will I even get

this job! Three people
goner be interviewing
me!! Daunting yes! Jeez

what have I got my
self into! O but sod it
I shall just be me!

Then I went swimming
with my friend!! I swam like a
frog and managed ten

lengths!! Loving the pool
water , loving the sky blue
colour just like a

August summers day!
Then got the munches! I blamed
swimming for building

up my appetite!!
Now in bed watching Netflex!
What a lovely day😊😊😊😊

Wooooo this poem is
so long if anyone reads
it thanks very much 👍😊💕🌺
My day today xxxxx loving my family forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Xaela San Dec 2019
I think
I've found love from an unlikely source
I've found it from something simple

I've found it from a simple laughter
I've found it from a simple brush of our arms
I've found it from a simple good morning
I've found it from a simple curve of his lips

I think
I've found love from an unlikely source
I've found it from the way he acts

I've found it from the way he looks my eyes
I've found it from the way he hold my hands
I've found it from the way he walks slowly to match my pace
I've found it from the way he talks to me

I think
I've found love from an unlikely source
I've found it from how great of a person he is

I've found it from how he can remember the things I've said before
I've found it from how he can be strong in times of pain
I've found it from how confident he can be
I've found it from how caring and loving person he is

As cliche as it may sound  
I think I've found love from an unlikely source
I've found it in his flaws and
He's a great person, he doesn't know it yet.
"I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming "Get a grip girl"
-I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Alan Menken, David Zippel
Mark Toney Nov 2019
When I was growing up in Wisconsin, dairy farms were everywhere.  It was always fun visiting my aunt and uncle's dairy farm, even though they put me to work.  For many years the only bathroom they had was away from the house!  I read an article today about people complaining about smells coming from dairy farms and pig farms.  It reminded me when our family would drive the 3 1/2 hours to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  Some farms hardly had any bad odor, but others reeked!  This was especially horrible to us city kids.  "Mom, what's that smell?" my sisters and I would ask every time.  We asked Mom because she'd answer us.  Dad would only laugh.  Good times!  

Midwest dairy farms
intermittent putrid stench-
fun childhood road trips
10/28/2019 - Poetry form: Haibun - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
My professional life
Started right here
At the Dairy Keen

My first job
Felt more like
Just friends

Hanging out,
The MaWhinneys

It was a second home
One that just
Happened to pay me

And when
I'm real lucky
These days

Big David comes back
In town and the
Train opens up again

On the Sabbath for
Free for family
And for close friends

And the train won't turn on
And neither will the registers
But all the magic will still be here


On Instagram

August 19, 2019
Verse 1:

I'm far away and
I know that you
Miss me

But I promise
I won't be
Too long

Just remember
The last time
You kissed me

And promised me
You would
Stay strong

And now
I sit
And wait...
On this hi i ill

And ima-
Gine Your
Fa ace
Pray you love me sti ill


And everything that
We'll see

Be covered in shades
Of green

Except for the sky
So blue

I want to be
With you

On this hill

Verse 2:
We'll stand amongst the trees
And feel the morning breeze
We'll pray that time could freeze
Oh Lord

We'll marvel at the sights
On this hill
And talk all night
I'll know you love
Me still


Verse 3:

And someday
We'll have a kid
Or two or three

And watch them
Grow like
we eee  eds

And build ourselves
A cottage on the

And when things get hard
Like they are today
We will pack our things
And we'll run awa ay

We'll come right here
Lay down

Nigdaw Jul 2019
Bread from waxed paper packet
a childhood memory of mum making tea
snow white, thick sliced
fringed with a brown crust
comfortingly heavy, ****** smelling
the butter pleases me
covered under the tub lid
with a coated paper peeled back
to reveal a thick golden slab of
churned cream easily spread, cold
straight from the fridge onto waiting
fibrous surface, allowing it to sink in
cheese in a yellow block, related to
the butter in so many ways, dairy
a long lost brother, sliced thick with
a proper knife with the pointed curved
tip, designed to ***** and pick up
each slice, placing carefully on the bed
prepared for it to rest, ready for the final
ochre coloured element, mustard, from
a glass jar using a teaspoon, to dollop
before resting a second buttered slice
on top to make a creation, a taste sensation
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