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Man Jun 21
The accusations, interrogations,
The threats of ending us.
Lamentation, of an aberration
Of love that lived alone, so long.
The blood that pumps, your cause,
Does not dry, but ebb and flow.
But interruptions, from obstructions,
Can lead it to die instead of grow.
Without communicating,
How do we form our interpretations?
Absent enumerating,
What is love? But an unsolvable equation. And if all we are, is wrong,
The only answer is separating
Keen Apr 2022
Skin & soul,
You've built a wall.
Can't carry it all —
feeling small.

Waves are crashing,
Heart is crumbling.
We were once each other's everything,
Now, we're already sinking.

Seek us love —
Together above.
Don't go,
Let's start slow.
Listening to indie folk music can be relaxing while slowly killing me with reality.
Arindam Barooah Dec 2020
Let the empty hands
embrace humanness and composure.  
Let the ebullient heart
thumbs belief & conviction.
The year enlighten lessons
of effacing unpleasantness and woes,
settling between bad & good.
Treasure the memories we came across
and be ready with wondrous love.  
Thank You 2020 for being the ebb & flow of life.
All is still
my little
of ebb and
flow, I am
still, and
yet I float,
with those
the ether
that is
far yet
near, the
gentle on
my skin,
in the state
of being
& therefore,
n jacob Jan 2020
Do whats you.

Don't overthink it.

If it makes the heart pound and the head ache, its not natural.

What's beautiful is natural. Natural as the waves meet the shore.

So when I begin to pound and ache, I stop.
Release and breathe, this isn't meant for me.

And what will be, will be. God has a plan for me.

And I'll just let it come to me.
I can't be it all, I can't be like y'all
So ill stand tall, and listen for my souls call.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
The  eddy
was  fearing   to
ebb  of

The  fear  was
not  to  be  eddy.
'We  want  to   merge
with  normal  water  !!

My  brain's  
newly  thoughts
were  being   fried.
I am
a rock
that sock
her dangle
on wiles
and her
heart dials
a profligacy
where croft
bovine her
crèche this
epiphany shall
divine with
nativity that
would roster
a king
in Bethlehem
a Christmas in nativity
Lyn-Purcell Feb 2018
Every soul ebb
and flows.
That's life. One thing I always remember about life is that there is always someone in a worse position than I am. Keeps me humble and grateful.
Setenance Jul 2017
the cold waves follow
in the wake of the warmth of the wind
and I, numb and wrestless
the warmth that once held me, gently
knowing that it never could be, for me
fearing that what I hold, will bury me
and the knowing
will bear my thoughts endlessly
beneath the sea.
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