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Gem Palomar Jul 19
Rainbows and cupcakes
Summers and daydreams
It's like first love all over again
You never ceased to surprise me

Every sway, every awkward move
You showed them to me
To make me laugh and giggle
You became my ray of sunshine

But suddenly good morning texts
Aren't a thing for us anymore
And sweet good night messages
Disappeared, already forgotten

Are we really fine?
Are our hearts not breaking?
Or we'll just keep denying
That we're slowly falling apart

We're like seeing a movie
Or a show coming to an end
Without any intention
Of watching it again

We are slowly falling apart
And it's hard to keep saving "us"
nandhitha Jun 18
From being said as  "mad,wild and a good actor" whenever I got panic attacks in high school to  becoming an insomniac now , not only I grew up,but my sadness also grew.
Probably, nobody understood what I was going through.
I let them use me, I let them take me for granted.
I am scared that probably, one day... I'd let people know my actual worth when I leave,when I go far away from this cruel world... Probably!
fray narte Jun 13
you stood there with sadness
braided to your locks,
and i was pretty used to making homes out of sadness,
and your eyes — they made me think
of both writing poems and running away;
i chose the former
and you chose to smile;
and smiling back felt like jumping
inside a book found in the bottom
of shared beer bottles,
and yet, we read it sober
with our fingers touching
when we’d turn to the next page
and darling, that was how we met.

and there we were gazing at the stars
wrapped in a sunset;
and we named them love
written for a wolf
trapped in a girl’s skin
and a girl dressed
in bleeding moonlights
and together,
we crashed into a fray, unworthy
of being written poems about.
and i loved you so f*cking much,
and even more so because
you couldn’t love yourself
and darling, kissing wasn’t
the most romantic thing we ever did —
it was running away from the world
and darling, that was how
we fell in love.

and running away
was our kind of poetry,
and running away got tiresome
after four books and a couple of heartaches.
and we ended.
like an anticlimactic poem
written by fading silhouettes
atop an abandoned building
as the rest of the world
caught fire and crashed down.
and there you were,
a piece of a debris
escaping my lips and sinking down,
like words in the middle
of a poem i could no longer write,
and i, a pronoun
you could no longer love.
and that was how
we became ashes
without dancing with the flames —
how we became a million pieces
of broken kisses
inside a poem made for two.

and that was how
we became strangers again, darling —

and that was how
fray narte Jun 13
cigarettes still taste a little like our last kiss — like it's 5 am again and we were stuck in rusty rooftops, waiting for the break of dawn, or for the other to initiate the kiss. that being said, i always wished that 5 am's lasted longer, and that cigarettes burned longer, and that we kissed longer. but before we knew it, the sun had risen and there we were, ashing our cigarettes on the floor, kissing our last kiss. but here i am, darling — yours for the breaking; my cigarettes, yours for the taking — so kiss me again. break me again. leave me again.

say goodbye to me, darling. say goodbye, just once again.
Ambriel Jun 3
Slowly i began falling in this pit full of story
slowly i began to see the pain that i keeps.

Slowly i began looking at her in the dark
crying all out because slowly everything is falling apart.

slowly i began blaming myself as i see her
slowly losing her sane because of her faith.

Slowly i began cutting all the veins in my hands
for she don't deserve the faith that she have.

Slowly all i see is darkness, hoping that
when i bid my goodbye she'll be fine.

I wish her the best that one day she sees
the horizons again.
because she deserves it more than anyone else.
Nina May 23
You gave me your Tshirt
And it smells just like you
I didn't want wear it
I didnt want your smell to wear off
So I kept it,
I kept it by my side
But what do I do?
When your smell is fading away.
I no longer have you by my side
And the only thing left,
Is that tshirt of yours
Nina May 23
I want the old us,
When we were physically and emotionally close
Not like how we are now,
Fading away, falling apart.
Nie Apr 28
I only write when i am falling in love,
Or falling apart.
Inked Quill Mar 26
I guess
We fell apart
In the most
Usual way
But then why
Does it hurt
When I see you
In the crowd everyday...
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