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Tee Dossantos Nov 21
Stuck on a single tab
With a hole dug into my chest
JenniferC Nov 2
I'm drowning in your space,
I ain't got no air.
Cuz for both you and me
it's not enough place.
We took a leap,
but now we are running in circles
in an endless race.

Im smiling
but its only on my face.
Inside Im crying
cuz we could be the best of art.
I wanted this to be endless,
but babe
we are falling apart.
Broken Echo Jul 13
Falling away

The edges crack
They break

Slipping through
Losing all we held onto


Trying to swim

Deeper and deeper

A battle within

Fearing death
After a life of sin

An unforgiving goodbye

Trying to survive in a world thats falling apart. Almost seems impossible. Almost.
The tears in my eyes
Blur the street lights
As I realize you and I
Were just a drive by
I have to be honest
thought you were flawless

turns out you’re not
and those imperfections
make you ******* hot

there’s no one like you
and it’s my heart I have to stick to

these other guys can’t bring me pleasure
for me, you’re the only real treasure

I have to be honest with me
it’s still you, all I see

so for peace at heart
I prefer falling apart

that’s my point of view
it’s better to crave your emotions
than knowing someone new

so baby, once you read this
and realize it’s about you
just come through.

- gio, 01.05.2020
Inside my mind is a battle,
I'm not okay,
They didn't stay.
I'm broken,
My words remain unspoken.
I kinda want to die,
But all I do is cry.
The fights grow,
But I don't let it show.
I'm not perfect like I should be,
I'm drowning in a sea.
I no longer want to fight,
I'll just give up the light.
Everything is ending,
But I'll keep pretending.
I'm sure I'll be okay,
Just not today.
Why am I like this?
It shouldn't be this way
Am I really alone
Or is it my brain just forcing me back
Back in time
To the dark
To this inescapable prison
Where have I gone
Where are you
Whoever you are
I can't do this myself
I just keep falling
No one realizes
I'm slowly failing life
The longer I go the more I fail
Slowly crumbling with every step
Failure is second nature now
It hurts but I can't get around it
I can't stop it now
I'm gone
Doomed to this world of darkness
Of failure
Will my brain ever let me go
Or do I need someone?
Let me know what you think.
Cherish Dec 2019
Can’t believe it but I’m moving on, forcing myself to move on.

So it won’t pain me to see you.
Hoping the next time I see you, I will be going home smiling and not turning my music loud to block everyone around me.
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