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Lilith 5d
Tell me a reason to stay
Tell me a story that makes me forget the pain
Sing me a song that won’t break my heart
But the whispers won’t let me listen your beautiful voice

There’s something through my eyes
There’s something in my head
But there’s nothing in my heart

You wanna be with me
I know
But you don’t like my dope
I can see your face with my eyes close
The devil likes my blood
Full of drugs

Do you know how it is?
I think you don’t
Live like a ghost, feeling like a zombie

There’s something through my eyes
There’s something in my head
But there’s nothing in my heart

Looking through the mirror
My face is blurry, I just see demons
I wish I could sleep all night
I wish I could sleep all day
But the voices in my head make me stay awake
They made me obey
I can't take it anymore

I’m falling
Falling through the pain, not for you
What happens when one person in the relationship stops trying?
What happens when we becomes me,
When the slogan “there's no I in team” becomes invalid, because there's​ an I single?
What happens when you give up but I die trying.
To fight for this relationship so that this boat doesn't sink.
When I fight for the years and the memories, but you turn your back and you no longer care…
What happens when I keep pursuing something that is dead? Going after your lifeless corpse trying to breathe air back in. Trying to use to the ventilator to bring back the dead… one shock, two shock and three strikes I'm out… the ballgame is over and I have lost.
All I get to see now is your back turned to me as you walk away and soon your body becomes the size of an ant and you disappear never to be seen again. All that I am left with is the memories and the broken heart which will forever be locked up until someone else tries to come and break down this wall… but they too will soon find out that my wall is made of metal and is unbreakable and can't be scarred. It's chained and locked and the key is thrown away.
They too will find my body deteriorated and bruised, cold and torn, black and blue. I'm now meek and weak and no longer want to to try. So they watch me slip away into smithereens. I see you being happy and free while I am now chained and locked away.
How did the story get flipped and I'm on the outside looking in. Thinking this was forever while you spelt temporary with all your words. They left your lips so smooth and sweet and made me feel special, just to realize this wasn't your first rodeo and I wasn't the first bull ride.
But trust I've learned my lesson and my mind you can't take over anymore. You had your fun and games but now it's time for me to be the master. I will pull and pull and pull on your strings and just like how I was once lifeless, you will feel that pain.
Feel the broken heart of thinking they loved you but realizing they only loved the thought of you and when something better comes along they follow behind like an obedient dog… because honestly that's what you are.
A dog… and I'm the lion.
Your in my cage now… let's see how long you last.
Julie Mullins Nov 2018
The greatest love story
Falling apart
At the seems.

Outside it seems
As if they are
But the truth is
They go at it
Like cats and dogs
Wondering if it
Will ever end?

They're the same person
In different bodies.
How can you
Fight with yourself?

Their love is
Quite toxic
Can't you tell?

It's only a mater
Of time
Before they do it.
This poem was my point of view on a relationship of someone close to me. It gave me Romeo and Juliet vibes. I hope its a good one.
Don't you hear that cracking?
It's so loud and getting louder
Am I the only one who hears it?
Maybe that's because it's inside of me

Cracking becomes maddening
It's starting to break up
Blood is coming from my wounds
I am falling apart

Still nobody hears it nobody noticed
Pain in my eyes, bruises on my skin
Cuts on my wrists, emptiness behind smile, yet everything is okay

I can try how far I can fly
Climb on the roof and meet the sky
Everything seems so easy so give it a try
Breath, slowly, close your eyes let the darkness take you high

I did what I have to do
I did what you asked for
Now it's my turn to feel gruntled
It's my purpose to break the chains
I can never be completely free
But just for a moment give it a try

Can you hear the cracking?
Chains are falling on the ground
Can you set my soul free? It's right in your hands you were crushing it for too long
You know everything, I know just your name
Amy Duckworth Nov 2018
To the ******* the bus that fateful day, to my old friend, to those who damaged me,
Thank you.
You made me realize that I can't be happy and one person scarred me.
To my old friend, she caused me to snap sorry.
To the girl that damaged me, you shaped me into this but I want to say thank you because you taught me to cry, hate, and hurt...
To the ******* the bus that fateful day, you told me that I was worthless and that made me think about who I am and not what I looked like.
I learned to care because of these people but I also learned how to numb everything out.
But it made me fall apart.
But thanks to you.
You filled me up with lies and truth.
ALC Oct 2018
I like the feeling of tears running down my face.
Because it’s when you’ve built up enough raw emotion,
Your body can’t hold it all together anymore.
Maegan deme Aug 2018
I'm too tired,
And It's going to get me fired.
My family doesn't work
My mother forces stuff on me like a ****.
My brother is dysfunctional and lazy
All my happy memories seem to be hazy.
I'm too tired to be bored and glad
Only sad.
I'm too distracted to see what's right,
I'm only really able to see what I did wrong.
My fathers half way crazy
And my brain is falling apart.
I'm too tired for your assignment.
Because I can't seem to get my life back into alignment
God I'm so tired from all this, poetry really is the only way I can seem to understand my self and my problems
shaynespeare Feb 2018
If a clock stops,
Would you still have time?
If matches don't burn,
Would you be my light?
If I'd steal your attention,
Would it be a crime?
If we'd play hide and seek,
Would you still appear in my sight?
empty seas Dec 2017
            how we try                          
                                  with feeble hands      
        to keep everything
                                       our broken minds                    
     from falling apart
Sometimes I feel like everything is futile
Neo Dec 2017
We spoke of many things
I promised you anything
I hold my word while I turn
Into dirt now
I gave you everything
My heart & soul, my medicine
My elation & patience
As I turned into a patient
Now in this hospital
You're letting me become
A memory, that's done & gone
Now in this bedroom I
Shed with the moon, I try
Tell you this simple lie
Tell you a simple lie (x3)

Darling if you want me to
Then I will never want you again
Just say the word &
I'll treat you like we were just friends
You'll never know how much I love you
I'll never say love again
Because baby if you leave me
I'll never want another girlfriend
You give up on me, I'll never love again
*Originally a song idea*
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