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Evey Emery Jan 2022
I've seen people
With beautiful eyes
Eyes the color of
Bright blue skies

I've seen people
With elegant eyes
Eyes so deep brown
You'd almost drown

But their eyes
So undeniably divine
Eyes so perfectly gray
You'd let the light fade away

Eyes that remind me
Of every cloudy day
Where every worry
Was washed away

Eyes that glimmer with every glance
Leaving you with no chance
To hide the blush that
Performs a rosy dance

Eyes that
When in trance with mine
All my problems
Fall out of line

Eyes that comfort
No matter the time
Bring peace to mine
Evey Emery May 2021
My cries loud, yet so silent
My screams in agony as it grabs me
I thought I had escaped,
but once again;
it has found me

It pulls me under
And holds me down
No matter what I do, I'll never get out

I struggle and scream
But it covers my mouth
As I succumb to the darkness,
My light goes out

It drowns me
never letting me go far
It locks me up behind clear bars

I cry out once more, silence...
Can't they see my agony?
It grabs me
I can't escape, it will always find me
Evey Emery May 2021
Who is this monster I have created
When did the real me get so faded
I hate it

I look in the mirror,
And all I see is self hatred

Where did the real me go
Where did I go
I want to know

When did I get stuck in this bottomless pit of hell
When did I turn into this person I don't even recognize,
Even when I look myself in the eyes

Who am I
Evey Emery May 2021
A forlorn feeling surrounds me
As I travel down this valley of shadows and darkness
Witnessing my life go by while I sit in the passenger seat

I am held hostage in my own mind
Trapped in this prison with only my thoughts
The freedom I dream of is out of reach

As I smile and laugh
This euphoria is but a veil;
A veil that hides the truth
Evey Emery May 2021
That's a expression I'm conflicted with
It's a word to describe, a feeling or state of mind
in which a person feels they have-
nobody to confide in,
nobody to stand beside,
nobody to tell what's on their mind,
and what am I?
Am I really lonely
When I have all these people around me, when I
Open and close my eyes?
Am I really lonely,
When I have somebody to confide in,
somebody to stand beside,
somebody to tell what's on my mind?
Even around the people I love
I feel like I'm sinking; suffocating
There is an emptiness in my chest
With the pains of all the rest
I feel I cannot rid myself of this pest
Is this the feeling?
I wrote this poem to try my best to express how I feel almost daily. I can be around my best friends, and yet, I still feel so empty. I've heard people say that you can't really be lonely when you have people to talk to, people to trust, or people to hang out with. But here I am, still feeling lonely no matter who I'm around. The feeling is suffocating almost, as if it is slowly submerging me in it like its a pool of water.

— The End —