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Alvin Agnani Apr 8
Are you... a friend of mine?

By speaking my mind I've alienated myself from humanity.
Do they still want me here?
I was once ignorant and naive.
A boy with the power to save the world, in my eyes.
By attaining knowledge I only got pushed further away from a life with meaning.

Now I'm naught but a grain of sand - in a desert of suffering.
Unified - but alone.
We stand no chance separated.

Will you be the one to connect the dots? Turn sand into rocks; rocks into castles?

Will you be our _?

Nobody knows.
Alvin Agnani Apr 8
Menial tasks.
Even the books our truth were built upon - a mirage.
A sole purpose to detain and control.

Yet, I believe.
Perhaps not like I used to.
But it's there.

God is alive.
He lies dormant inside you.
I've seen it before.
You will remain oblivious.

Until he wakes...
Alvin Agnani Apr 8
The things I own do not make the boy I am.
The things I'm taught do not make the soul I've inherited.
There is but one truth for every man and woman.

                                                  Mine was that pain is illusory.

                        Find yours in yourself.
Alvin Agnani Apr 8
Pain and sadness.
Two words almost synonymous with each other.
Yet, two feelings completely unnecessary for us.
The best we can do is move on.

For we all lose everything in the end.

No matter how painful it may be.
Where is the meaning in feelings - good or bad?
When we are all fated for one single outcome?

Alvin Agnani Oct 2021
How could I hide this joy inside of me?
Amazing grace, oh Lord, how can it be?
Every day of my life I want the world to see
I can't get over what You've done for me
You got me singing like...
Oh, amen
Excerpt from a song I like very much. All credit goes to Micah Tyler. Stay faithful!
Alvin Agnani Oct 2021
Singing oh Lord, keep me in the moment.
Help me live with my eyes wide open.
'Cause I don't wanna miss what you have for me.

Singing oh Lord, show me what matters.
Throw away what I'm chasing after.
'Cause I don't wanna miss what you have for me.
Excerpt from a song I like very much. All credit goes to Jeremy Camp. Stay faithful!
Alvin Agnani Oct 2021
Is it abnormal to love as much as I do?

Sometimes people find me odd.

I'm okay with that.

All I want is to spread joy and I've realised it gets easier every time you do it.
That goes for just about anything.

Is it abnormal to love as much as I do?
But this is the me I want to be.

Kindest regards
You will smile.
You will cry.
Part of life I'm afraid.
Just hold on and know that YOU are LOVED.
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